Okinawa Tourism Information:UsingTopQualityIngredientsofOkinawaforBakedGoods.[SugarOkinawaYakigashiKenkyujo(pastrieslab)]atNahaAirport

Using Top Quality Ingredients of Okinawa for Baked Goods. [Sugar Okinawa Yakigashi Kenkyujo (pastries lab)] at Naha Airport

post : 2020.11.17 07:00

There are many travelers who arrive at the airport early on the last day of their trip, and after their check-in procedure are complete, they like to stroll around the airport to look for interesting souvenirs to take home. Are you one of those people?

There are over 40 souvenir shops at the departure lobby on the second floor of Naha Airport, but today, let me introduce you to one of them. The name of the shop is [Sugar Okinawa Yakigashi Kenkyujo]. Many Okinawan pastries and sweets available as souvenirs often are made with Beni-Imo purple potatoes and brown sugar, and while these are definitely popular, the people at Sugar Okinawa Yakigashi Kenkyujo took on the challenge of introducing something else to the market. With their drive to “show the world how great Okinawa is, by using a wider variety of ingredients!”, the baked goods available at Sugar are great alternatives for people looking for pastries made with other fantastic Okinawan ingredients.

These pastries are made with ingredients that are kind to your body, like organic sugar, mineral-rich Yuki Shio salt from Miyako Island, Pipachi (island pepper), Chomeiso herbs, Tsukazan Kabocha, a type of local pumpkin known for its strong sweetness that measures over 16 degrees in sugar content, ginger grown without any pesticides from Ogimi Village, and Shuri Miso, the traditional miso with a history that extends over 170 years, and made without any preservatives.

The pastries developed by Sugar are based on their concept of “Sugar’s Jewelry Box: Delivering simple yet exquisite tastes created with the ‘treasures of the islands (the ingredients)’ combined with the care and skills of our expert chefs.” The sweets are made with the hopes that both the giver and receiver of their baked goods will indulge in the luxury of their creations.

The staff at Sugar recommends their special pastry called “Tigre” that’s shaped like a baked donut. Meaning ‘tiger’ in French, the “Tigre” offered at Sugar was named so because the chocolate chips mixed in the dough look like stripes of a tiger.

The center of Tigre is filled with a rich chocolate ganache, and the box of six contains five varieties: two Chocolat & Pipachi, and one each of Chocolat & Chomeiso, Chocolat & Ginger, Chocolat & Miso, and Chocolat & Pumpkin.

The Tigre is soft and moist, and the Chocolat & Miso shown above was amazing, with the wonderful scent and taste of butter followed by the deeply rich flavor of the Shuri Miso.


Shown above is Chocolat & Chomeiso. The locals say that “with each bundle of Chomeiso that you eat, you’ll extend your longevity by a day”. The Chomeiso blended in the dough doesn’t have that harsh bitterness that some leafy greens may have, and goes wonderfully well with the milky sweetness of the white chocolate.

For those of you looking for something a little different from the ordinary souvenirs, I highly recommend the Tigre from Sugar Okinawa Yakigashi Kenkyujo! They’ll delightfully surprise anyone who tries them! 


Sugar Okinawa Yakigashi Kenkyujo
Address: 2F Domestic Passengers Terminal at Naha Airport, 150 Kagamizu, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-858-2626
Hours: 7:00 to 20:30 (Presently as of November 2020, business hours are shortened to 8:00 to 20:00)

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi


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