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[Torikara Tamago], A Popular Local Izakaya Offers [Taberu Rayu (Japanese chili oil)]
and [EM Mayonnaise]

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Torikara Tamago is a popular local izakaya pub that offers delicious dishes using chicken and eggs. One of their popular menu items is their “Yanbaru Jidori”, a tasty choice that offers mouthwatering, tender chicken from the northern region of Okinawa Island, known as Yanbaru.


The most recommended dish at the izakaya is their Usa Karaage, a Japanese style fried chicken that originated in Usa City of Oita Prefecture. The chicken is marinated in a sauce with soy sauce, garlic, ginger and other ingredients before covered in rice flour, then fried to a crispy, golden brown that’s wonderfully juicy on the inside. Most of their customers also order their popular Dashimaki Tamago, a Japanese style omelet, and this is a must-try. The dish uses Dashi or stock from Yanbaru Jidori chicken, and is cooked so fluffy and soft that it’ll melt in your mouth.

Although popular with the locals as their favorite izakaya to go to, Torikara Tamago, has also been impacted by the spread of COVID-19 as of late, like many other establishments. In order to meet the needs, they’ve expanded their style of business and now offer their dishes for takeout and also offers merchandise online.

[Torikara Tamago’s Taberu Rayu]

This jar of Rayu chili oil is made with Okinawan EM chicken and Kunchama Bacon (the neck meat of pork), blended with brown sugar, miso, and other ingredients.

Photo Courtesy of Torikara Tamago

Although some Rayu can be quite spicey, the Taberu Rayu by Torikara Tamago is quite mild. The chopped ingredients give great texture and you can enjoy it on its own, but this Rayu is also perfect to accompany your drinks (especially Shochu, Awamori, or Sake). I also recommend it as topping for your rice, noodles, or tofu, and of course, as sauce for your gyoza.

Their Rayu is made without any food coloring and will have you coming back for more, but since they don’t add any preservatives, the expiration date is shorter than other Rayu available on the market. So, once you open the seal, keep it refrigerated and try to finish the jar in a short period.


[Torikara Tamago’s EM Mayonnaise]

Here, we have homemade mayonnaise made using eggs from Okinawan EM hens only. EM stands for ‘effective microorganisms’ and the EM hens are given feed with EM. The eggs laid by these healthy hens are then made into mayonnaise by Torikara Tamago.

Photo Courtesy of Torikara Tamago

It is less acidic in comparison to regular mayonnaise, and is smooth like cream. The rich flavor of the yolks really enhances the taste in your every day potato salad or whatever else you choose to use it for, like dip for your veggie sticks, salad, mixed with dressings, and goes really well with light-tasting ingredients like fish sauté, or chicken breast.


The operator of Torikara Tamago, Kohei Fukumoto, says, “We hope to further expand our online merchandise in the future.” He adds that the fried Karaage chicken, which is super popular at the izakaya, will also be added to the lineup on items available online.

Why don’t you enjoy the taste of Torikara Tamago at home, too?


Torikara Tamago
Address: #102 Chatelet Tomari, 1-18-1 Tomari, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 050-3467-0399
Hours: Lunch available from Tuesday-Friday 11:30 to 15:00 (Last Order at 14:30),
           Dinner from Tuesday-Sunday & Holidays 17:00 to 24:00 (Last Order at 23:00)
Closed: Mondays

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi


沖縄県那覇市泊1-18-1 シャトレ泊102