Okinawa Tourism Information:[CapeZanpa](YomitanVillage)isaGreatSightseeingSpotFilledwithFunfortheWholeFamily

[Cape Zanpa] (Yomitan Village) is a Great Sightseeing Spot Filled with Fun for the Whole Family

post : 2020.11.25 07:00

Located almost at the center of Okinawa is Yomitan Village, and at the area that protrudes toward the west is Zanpa Misaki or Cape Zanpa. Here, you’ll find a popular spot that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, with a lighthouse, park, and a beach. It’s also a place of relaxation for the local Okinawans. In this article, I’ll introduce the great charm of this area.

First, the "Cape Zanpa Lighthouse", a symbolic structure at Cape Zanpa. The white lighthouse can be seen along the road as you make your way to Cape Zanpa. At 31 meters in height, it is one of the 16 "large lighthouses that people can climb" found across Japan, and is the tallest lighthouse in Okinawa and also a popular photo spot.

As I reached the lighthouse, I decided to climb to the top. There’s an admission fee (¥300), but it's well worth it. It takes about 5 minutes to climb the 99 steps of the spiral staircase, and once you reach the top, you will find a panoramic view that goes far and beyond the horizon.

The magnificent view from here is breathtaking and unique, and can only be seen from this area that stretches out into the ocean on the west coast. When the weather is nice, you can see the outer islands such as Ie Island, the Kerama Islands, Aguni Island, Tonaki Island, and Kume Island. Take a deep breath while feeling the comfortable sea breeze as you take in the spectacular view. I’m certain that you’ll enjoy a delightful time here.

In addition, on the north side of Cape Zanpa, cliffs with a height of about 30 meters stretch along the coast for approximately 2 km, and is one of the most scenic spots in Okinawa Prefecture. This magnificent scenery is designated as a coastal quasi-national park. With the cobalt blue sea and many fish, it is also famous as a place of relaxation and knonw as a good fishing spot with the locals. Some areas are not fenced off, so please be careful not to slip on the rocks, and refrain from dangerous activities during your visit.

On the south side of Cape Zanpa is [Cape Zanpa Ikoi Square] where children can run around and play. There is also a barbecue space, playground equipment, cafe, and an area that accommodates overnight stays in campers. At the Fureai Square, goats and other animals are kept in the premises, and you can buy snacks for the animals and enjoy feeding them. In addition, you’ll find Japan's tallest Shisa, the "Zanpa Daishishi", with a height of 8.75m and a length of 7.8m, it stands proudly, and is very popular with visitors and their children as another symbolic structure of the area, next to the Zanpa Cape Lighthouse. Why don't you take the opportunity to snap some photos together to capture the fun memories of your visit to Cape Zanpa?

In the direction that the Zanpa Daishishi faces is "Zanpa Beach". Showers and washroom facilities are also provided, so it’s nice and convenient to enjoy a day at the beach even when you’re visiting with small children. The kids will love playing with the floating play equipment in the swimming area.

Cape Zanpa is not only scenic but offers many attractive spots for visitors to enjoy. In the mornings when the air is clear, you can feel the refreshing sea breeze while gazing out at the breathtaking scenery, and in the afternoons, you can enjoy your time at the beach. At dusk, interact with animals in the park, and have fun on the playground equipment. I recommend spending the whole day with the family at Cape Zanpa.

One last thing. Cape Zanpa is also a famous sunset spot, offering views of the beautiful sunset visible over the East China Sea, thanks to its high altitude and the geographic feature where the land protrudes to the west. At dusk, when the sky begins to turn red, find a spot where you can get a clear and open view of the sky and the sea. I'm sure a beautiful sunset is waiting for you. What a  wonderful thing to enjoy a spectacular sunset with your family.


Cape Zanpa [Zanpa Resort Activity Park]
Address: 1861 Uza, Yomitan Village, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-958-0038

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Yu Murakami