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Experience an "Attentive Lifestyle".
How to Enjoy Okinawa in the Fall

post : 2020.11.29 07:00

It’s the season when the heat of midsummer eases and the days are much cooler. Many people associate Okinawa with summer, but there’s much to be enjoyed in the autumn and winter seasons as well. In this article, we will introduce ways to spend a leisurely autumn in Okinawa. Perhaps you might discover some "precious things" that you may not notice in your busy daily life. Why don't you enjoy your trip to Okinawa as you take a look at enjoying a more conscientious lifestyle?


➀ [413 Hamahiga] Offers Accommodations Surrounded in Rich Nature

There are many large resort hotels in Okinawa, but if you want to enjoy a trip that’s a little different, we recommend choosing a small inn like "413 Hamahiga". The hotel is located on Hamahiga Island which can be reached from the main island of Okinawa across a bridge, and offers lush nature and delicious meals. Each room is built facing the sea so you can hear and feel the sound of the waves and the gentle sea breeze.

Of particular note is their "Yushidofu Plate," which you can enjoy at breakfast. The supple "Yushidofu" has a fluffy texture and is easy to eat, so it is a perfect morning meal. In addition, Okinawan ingredients such as Mozuku seaweed and Japanese Nigana leaves are used abundantly and the taste is exquisite.

413 Hamahiga Hotel & Cafe Information

Address: 548-4 Katsurenhama, Uruma City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-983-1413


➁ Okinawan Cuisine, Bringing Out the Best in the Ingredients 

At "Sakae Restaurant" in Uruma City, you can enjoy authentic Okinawan cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere. When we think of Okinawan cuisine, we tend to picture dishes served at local Izakaya pubs and popular diners, but at Sakae Restaurant, you can enjoy sophisticated and delightful Okinawan dishes.

All the Okinawan dishes at Sakae Restaurant are carefully made with particular attention to the ingredients. Even some of the familiar Okinawan dishes such as the Goya Champuru or stir-fried bitter melon, offers a new and delicious taste. Their Somen Tashiya (stir-fried Somen noodles) is served with a generous portion of Umibudo or green caviar, and is recommended as a final dish to complete your meal.

Okinawa Seasonal Cuisine Sakae Restaurant Information

Address: 1-27-35 Ishikawa, Uruma City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-964-7733


➂ The Essence of Bread Making at [Yaedake Bakery] 

Yaedake Bakery, located atop a mountain in Motobu Town, is a bakery that also grows its own wheat. Their wheat is cultivated at an altitude of 450 meters in an area called Yaedake. With their motto of producing "wholefoods", they use whole grain flour with germ and bran in the bread and wheat.

Because the amount of wheat that is cultivated is limited and only a very small quantity can be produced into flour, it’s not possible to make all the bread that they sell from their harvested wheat. Still, the folks at Yaedake Bakery says it’s important for them to grow their own wheat and go through the wheat-making process.

Bread made with natural yeast from Okinawa’s Shikwasa citrus has a light aroma that is refreshing and pleasant. Enjoy each bite and taste the flavors of the wheat grown with great care.

Yaedake Bakery Information

Address: 1254 Izumi, Motobu Town, Okinawa


➃ Encounter Wonderful Yachimun Pottery at "Utsuwa + Cafe Bonoho" 

"Utsuwa + Cafe Bonoho" in Nanjo City is a shop where you can enjoy traditional Okinawan pottery known as "Yachimun". Each one of these pottery pieces, or Utsuwa, are carefully created by Sato-san, who originally studied sculpture at an art university. The gentle curves and cheerful colors are the characteristics of his work.

"Utsuwa + Cafe Bonoho" is only open on the weekends. The gallery and café are connected, so if you’re looking to relax and appreciate beautiful creations at the same time, this is the café to go.

Utsuwa + Cafe Bonoho Information

Address: 65 Sashiki Tedokon, Nanjo City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-947-6441
*Since the original article was posted, the Café has closed and is now limited to pottery retail. Please see their website for more information.

With the sweltering heat of summer coming to a close, how about a lovely autumn trip in Okinawa? Some of these places are a little far from the airport, but we’re certain you’ll see their charm. Perhaps you’ll come across something that may offer an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle.

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