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Tasty & Healthy. Maintaining Good Health at [Parlor Neppu Asia] in Naha City

post : 2020.12.09 07:00

“My diet hasn’t been great lately, and I feel kind of sluggish.”
“I drank a little too much last night and my stomach feels bloated.”
Have you experienced days like these?

There are numerous factors that may cause adverse effects to your stomach and overall gut health, but whenever I’m not feeling all that great and I’m thinking to myself, “I want to eat something that’s gentle on my body” or “I want something light today”, then I make my way to Parlor Neppu Asia, located in Tsuboya, Naha City.


The shop is operated by Yasuo Miyasaka, and the shop used to be located in Nanjo City under the name Parlor Papiru Bunko, but relocated to Naha City in September 2020. “We used to be a vegan parlor, but my own diet consists of animal products, and I hope to welcome more people, vegan and non-vegan. I recently added the coconut pudding on the menu which is made using eggs. I’m working to add more to the menu and hope to introduce a panini with lots of cheese, soon”, says Miyasaka-san.

Although the shop isn’t totally vegan, he still gets many regular customers from the time he ran Papiru Bunko, and so the shop still has their great vegetarian items on the menu as well.

For those of you looking for a veggie-packed meal, I recommend their Falafel Pita Sandwich.  The pita bread is made with their house-made natural yeast, and inside the pita, you’ll find yummy falafels (made with chick peas) and hummus (chick peas and white sesame paste), marinated veggies, leafy greens, and soy milk mayonnaise. 

The chewy pita, the crispy and fluffy falafels, silky hummus, crunchy marinated veggies, rich and flavorful soy milk mayonnaise…each bite has great taste and texture, and is a very satisfying, “healthy fast food”.

Perfect for breakfast or a snack is their smoothies with anthocyanin-rich acai or dragon fruit, as well as their Acai & Dragon Bowl served with seasonal fruits and topped with their original granola mix. The bowl isn’t just delicious, but the from the brilliant colors of the fruits, you know you’re getting a boost of vitamins and will recharge your body.

On slightly chilly days, I suggest trying their Chinese buns filled with only veggies. These buns were inspired by Baozi, a popular Taiwanese bun. The bun itself is made with flour from Hokkaido, and for the fillings, they change daily from Taiwanese-style tofu and cashew nuts, mustard greens and mushrooms, coconut curry with pumpkin, or black sesame paste. The burst of the sweetness and the savory tastes of the ingredients are wrapped in the delightfully chewy buns.

They regularly offer about ten varieties of smoothies, so you can choose according to your mood or what your body may be craving. Miyasaka-san recommends the Okinawa Yakuso (herbal) Green, which has apples grown with reduced pesticides, Okinawa Kabuchi and Shikwasa citrus fruits, Chomeiso herb, mugwort, Hamamachi (Ryukyuan mugwort), and Japanese Komatsuna spinach (ingredients may slightly vary). Okinawan herbs have long been a part of the local diet and seen as Nuchigusui (medicine for life), but on their own, they tend to be difficult to eat sometimes because some are bitter or some have unique features. When blended as a smoothie, however, they’re refreshing and delicious, so give it a try.


If you prefer something sweet, I recommend their Acerola Dragon which has red dragon fruit (pitaya), acerola, Okinawan bananas and pineapples.

Parlor Neppu Asia mainly caters to takeout orders, but there’s an eat-in space too, if you’d like to enjoy your purchases in the shop. The location is convenient and close to popular tourist spots, Kokusai Street, and Yachimun Street, so why don’t you drop by for a “delicious recharge” when strolling in the area?


Parlor Neppu Asia
Address: 1-18-35 Tsuboya, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 070-8496-9555
Hours: From around 10:00 to around 18:00
Closed: Wednesdays

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi