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Delicious Okinawan Snacks Cherished by the Locals Across Generations

post : 2021.01.05 07:00

The tastes are simple, but they’re so good that you’ll crave them. These are delicious snacks of Okinawa that are familiar and popular with people of all ages, including the local Oji and Oba (grandpas and grandmas). They’re conveniently available at supermarkets and other shops, so you can enjoy them anytime. In this article, we’ll be introducing the best of the well-known local snacks! The wonderful sweets that you’ll almost always find in the homes of the locals! These are great snacks that offer a nostalgic taste, and you won’t be able to stop with just one.


Umukuji Tempura: Enjoyed by people of all ages and great to have around when entertaining guests.

The locals make Umukuji Tempura for various occasions and when their friends and family gather for casual get-togethers. It’s a local cuisine that almost all Okinawans have tasted, made from purple Beni Imo potatoes and Imo Kuzu or starch from sweet potatoes. It has a simple taste that you’ll never tire of and the chewy texture and slightly sweet taste of the Beni Imo potatoes will have you hooked. It’s a delicious treat cherished by all ages.

Just like the Umukuji Tempura, deep-fried tempura made with various ingredients are popular snacks in Okinawa. In the local shops, you’ll find hot and fresh tempura to enjoy at anytime and anywhere.


Chinsuko: The very famous traditional confectionary of Okinawa

When talking about Okinawa’s traditional confectionary, you can’t skip the Chinsuko. Here, we’ll be introducing the traditional, round-shaped Chinsuko made by the main branch of Ryukyu Meika confectionary shop, Kugani Kashi. The people at Kugani Kashi are very particular about not adding preservatives, and also in making each one carefully by hand. The texture is delightfully crispy and is very smooth on the palate. Chinsuko by Ryukyu Meika Kugani Kashi Honten is cherished by the locals as a nice snack, and also as souvenirs to take or send to friends and family outside of Okinawa.


Information on Ryukyu Meika Kugani Kashi Main Branch
Address: 1F 1-18-1 Tsuboya, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-868-0234


Tan’na Fakuru: From grandparents to grandkids, a taste cherished by Okinawans for over a century.


Often placed on the shelves at supermarkets by the cashier and other convenient locations, it’s hard to pass up the Tan’na Fakuru, another delicious Okinawan snack. Its gentle and light sweetness of brown sugar is one of the reasons that this traditional treat has been loved by the locals for decades.
Its name is difficult for visitors to remember, but it’s actually a nickname of the original maker, Tamanaha, who had dark, tanned skin, and so the name became Tan’na Fakuru or “the darkly tanned Tamanaha-san”.

This is great to have handy for a snack while on your trip, or even as a simple, light breakfast on the go. The Tan’na Fakuru has a half biscuit and half bread kind of texture, and goes deliciously well with milk, too.


Information on Marutama Seika Direct Sales Store
Address: 1-3-35 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 98-867-2567

That was our introduction of three various snacks enjoyed by local Okinawan families. Of course, there are others like the round Sata Andagii donuts, and traditional Kippan, but the Umukuji Tempura and Tan’na Fakuru, in particular, offer a taste that’s nostalgic and unchanging, making them favorites among the locals and visitors. Supermarkets conveniently offer a great selection of Okinawan snacks and treats, so if you get a chance, stop by while in Okinawa. These local snacks also make great gifts.

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