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Perfect Presents! Wonderful Gifts from Okinawa

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There are many traditional crafts in Okinawa where you can feel the culture and history of these wonderful islands. The crafts woven by the culture built by long history of trade with Asian countries such as China, are enchanting just in their historical background alone! Okinawans take pride in the unique and colorful crafts produced in their home islands. In this article, we’ll be introducing Okinawan gifts that are perfect not only as souvenirs but also as gifts for your guests at weddings and other special occasions! If you and your partner are fans of Okinawa, perhaps you’ll find something that you’d like to be a part of your special day.


[Yui Maru Okinawa, Main Branch]: A Great Lineup of Works by Okinawan Craft Artists

A shop offering high quality Okinawan crafts opened in Haebaru Town in December 2015. Here, you’ll find a wide selection of uniquely Okinawan crafts like textiles, pottery, dyes, Ryukyu Glass, as well as specialty foods.

The interior of the shop is spacious, enhanced by the high ceiling, and is full of beautiful merchandise with rich colors. Many of the goods offered there are traditional crafts that have been passed down the generations in various parts of Okinawa, and seeing the selections, you can tell that they were carefully selected. The main branch of Yui Maru Okinawa in Haebaru is especially recommended for those of you thinking, “Among the many types of Okinawan crafts, I want to choose from the best selections!” You can expect to find that special, original item that you’ll truly be happy with.


Information for Yui Maru Okinawa, Main Branch
Address: 652 Miyahira, Haebaru Town, Shimajiri, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-882-6995
Online Shop:   


Original [Ryukyu Glass]: A Brilliant Shine of Colors

Ryukyu Glass first began when craftsmen created glasswork from used, discarded bottles. Since various kinds of glass are all melted together, Ryukyu Glass items all have different shades of colors. This craft was introduced during a time of change on Okinawa, and presently, beautiful Ryukyu Glass pieces are created everyday with new methods using various soils and different levels of air. 


Here, we’d like to introduce works by [Fuki Glass Kobo Ruri (glassblowing studio Ruri)] with distinct feminine characteristics. The studio is located in Yomitan Village, an area well-known for the numerous studios of artists.

The Momo Tsuchi Glass or ‘peach soil glass” has a very earthy feel, with the clay in the glass creating a pattern like flower petals across the dish. Creations by Ruri have a wide variation, from the deep blue Ochoko sake cup sets to marble patterned glass. They’re wonderful to have so that you can use them for various occasions.


[Rikuyu Tenugui Goshugi-Bukuro]: For Couples Presenting Unique Gifts, Present Them with a Unique Money Gift Envelope!

For couples with unique and particular tastes, you probably would want to find them something different, something interesting. In Japan, it is common to present couples with a money gift in a Goshugi Bukuro envelope when attending a wedding reception. The Rikuyu Tenugui Goshugi Bukuro might just be what you’re looking for. Rikuyu Engi, as explained on the envelope is the origin of this Goshugi Bukuro, and it has six teachings, like to respect your elders, love the people and nature of your home, build positive relationships, and help each other, and others. For auspicious occasions like weddings, these words and teachings offer great advice and best wishes for the happy couple and everyone else, too.

The Rikuyu Tenugui Goshugi Bukuro is a unique way to offer your best wishes for a happy future and are great gifts for friends on their wedding day. The Tenugui, or traditional Japanese hand towel, gives extra warmth to your good intentions. 

That was our introduction of attractive Okinawan gifts. They’re too good to be just simple souvenirs! They’re wonderful as presents for guests attending a wedding, too. Each one of these introduced have the unique, historical charm that are distinctively Okinawan. If you’re considering a resort wedding in Okinawa, do take these items into consideration. These crafts created from Okinawa’s rich history will definitely be a hit with your wedding guests.

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