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How to Enjoy Whale Watching:
The 3 Points to Remember

post : 2021.01.27 20:00

It’s winter in the islands of Okinawa and the long-waited whale watching season has arrived. To make the most of your whale watching tour, there are some points we hope you’ll remember before hopping on the boat. Just keeping these three points in mind will make your tour even more wonderful.


Hangovers take away half the fun! 
Be fully rested and ready to enjoy the day.

How do we go whale watching? By boat, of course! Okinawa may be known for its warm temperatures, but when you’re out at sea, it can get quite chilly. You don’t want the cold to take away the fun of the day! Be sure that you choose clothes that will keep you warm when out at sea. Some repeat tour participants even bring gloves, too. It’s also good to have a simple raincoat or poncho with you to keep you dry in case it rains or the waves come splashing at you.

Because the tour involves a long period on the boat, if you don’t have your sea legs it could be quite a rough ride. If you’re one of those people prone to seasickness, perhaps it’s best to take some medicine to prevent it before boarding. As for hangovers? Avoid it! Your time on the boat will be more enjoyable when your body is fully rested with a good night’s sleep.


Learning more about whales before you go will enhance your whale watching experience!

From January to March, several species of whales come to the warm waters of Okinawa to give birth and raise their offspring. You may be fortunate and see the elegant and dynamic swimming of 15-meter humpback whales and their calves. The tour is truly fantastic and you might see several whale maneuvers up close, like spyhopping, head-slapping, and breaching.

With the aim to inform people and learn about interesting facts about whales, Zamami Village Whale Watching Association offers explanations on the ecology of whales before you get on board the tour boat. Getting to know a little more about the whales certainly helps to make the whale watching experience even more unforgettable.


Enjoying the local accommodations and food is also part of the fun of whale watching tours!

After your glorious day of seeing the whales, we recommend a stay at local accommodation facilities and enjoy the local spots of interest. Let us introduce you to some of them. The Cha-Villa is a lodge located in Zamami Village, offering a villa-style accommodation that lets you relax and enjoy yourselves in complete privacy. The overnight stay at the lodge doesn’t come with meals, but if you reserve by the day before, they’ll prepare a delightful breakfast that will satisfy every member of your party.

One of the best things about traveling is enjoying meals prepared with local ingredients. A recommended spot on Geruma Island, Zamami Village, is Trattoria Bar Geruma Gnon. You can enjoy wonderful Italian dishes prepared with the island’s fresh ingredients.


Address: 90 Zamami, Zamami Village, Shimajiri, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-987-3737

Trattoria Bar Geruma Gnon
Address: 54 Geruma, Zamami Village, Shimajiri, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-987-2650 (By reservation only)

Whale watching is one of the most exuberating experiences we can have, and to make the most of it, it’s best to prepare beforehand. Just by remembering the small things, and getting to know a little more, you can double the enjoyment of your tour. We recommend adding a stay at a local hotel or inn and enjoying meals and excursions in the areas that you visit. You’ll find sights and fun that you won’t experience anywhere else.

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