Okinawa Tourism Information:Okinawa’sChocolateSpecialtyShop[JacarandaBlue]OffersChocolatesMadewithOkinawanIngredients

Okinawa’s Chocolate Specialty Shop
[Jacaranda Blue] Offers Chocolates Made with Okinawan Ingredients

post : 2021.02.10 06:00

Situated in a quiet residential area in Ginowan City is Jacaranda Blue, a sweet little chocolate specialty shop. Shops specializing in chocolates are not too common in Okinawa, but this stylish shop operated by a lovely couple offers a wonderful selection of chocolates.


The chocolate bonbons created by the owner, who apprenticed under an M.O.F. chocolatier, is exquisite.
MOF stands for Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and is the highest distinction awarded to a chocolatier by the nation of France.
The distinction is equivalent to those recognized as “Human Treasures” in Japan.
The fine chocolates at Jacaranda Blue are prepared with the utmost care, and each piece is beautiful like a precious gem.
When the chocolate slowly melts in your mouth and its exquisite taste spreads on your palate, it’s like experiencing a moment in heaven.

One of the attractive features of the chocolate bonbons at Jacaranda Blue is their “Uchina Chocolat”, made with nine varieties of Okinawan ingredients.


Ukon (turmeric), Fuchiba (mugwort), Miyako Mio, Shima Masu salt, Pipachi pepper, Tankan oranges, Jimami peanuts, Kokuto brown sugar, and Shima Togarashi peppers.

As the chocolate melts in your mouth, the delicate fragrances of the Okinawan ingredients softly flow, and with each breath, you can sense it through your nose and enhances the flavors on your palate.
From the nice little kick from the Shima Togarashi peppers to the distinctive fragrance from the Fuchiba leaves, you can enjoy delightful Okinawan tastes and aromas with each bonbon.
One ingredient that surprised me was the Miyako Miso!
I couldn’t help the slight hesitation I felt, thinking, “Hmm…miso and chocolate…”
What I discovered was simply delightful. The richness of the miso and the aroma and sweetness of the chocolate was a match made in heaven.

These chocolates made with Okinawan ingredients are unlike any other.
They would make perfect Valentine’s presents for that Okinawa-loving special someone in your life. 


Also recommended are their Okinawa Macarons which are made with Okinawan Jimami peanuts instead of almonds.
Their charming appearance, the aroma of the Jimami, and the sweet taste of the macaron will have anyone hooked.
Picking out chocolates for your Valentine and then getting some Macarons for yourself might be a great idea.


Chocolates & Cakes
Jacaranda Blue

Address: 1F of Maison Tomori, 1-8-7 Nagata, Ginowan City, Okinawa
Hours: 11:00 to 19:00
Closed: Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Parking Available (3 Spaces)
Telephone: 098-892-8654

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Taiki Gushiken