Okinawa Tourism Information:Blessings&TastesoftheIsland(Part1):TankanOranges

Blessings & Tastes of the Island (Part 1):
Tankan Oranges

post : 2021.02.14 07:00

Every year around January in Okinawa,
you’ll start to see roadside signs put up by vendors of Tankan oranges.
When I spot these oranges at Michi-no Eki roadside stations,
farmer’s markets, joint stores, or unmanned booths,
I just can’t wait to get my hands on them.


The name Tankan comes from its Chinese characters meaning “short pail”,
originating from the pails that the Chinese vendors carried to sell their items on the streets.
In Okinawa, the harvest season for the Tankan oranges starts around January
and through to the beginning of spring.

These oranges are bright like the sunshine and wonderful to enjoy one slice at a time,
but in today’s article, we want to introduce a lovely dish that combines
Tankan oranges with a seasonal vegetable.


[Tankan & Turnip Salad with Dill Sauce]

Bring together a turnip, a familiar winter vegetable, and Tankan oranges.
This will colorful dish will enhance the feel of the approaching springtime on Okinawa.

Ingredients (Makes 4 Servings)

1.  1 Large Tankan (or 2 small/medium sizes)
2.  2 Turnips
3.  2-3 Bundles of Fresh Dill
4.  Olive Oil
5.  Cashew Nuts
6.  Salt
7.  Yogurt (or soy milk)
8.  Lemon Juice
9.  Garlic



1.  Peel the Tankan and remove the thin skin separating the slices.
2.  Cut the turnip into wedges. (In 16 pieces)
3.  Put aside a few dill flowers and leaves for garnish, then chop the remaining leaves and stems.
4.  Add the chopped dill, olive oil (2 tablespoons), salt (1.5 teaspoons), cashew nuts (half a cup), yogurt (3 tablespoons), a little bit of lemon juice, and a clove of garlic into a mixer.
5.  Decorate the way you like on a flat dish, pour a dash of olive oil, and use a spoon to add the sauce from #4 above.

Grind black pepper according to your taste.

This is a lovely springtime dish to enjoy with friends and family!

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