Okinawa Tourism Information:HinpunGajumaru,atreethatismorethan240yearsold

Hinpun Gajumaru, a tree that is more than 240 years old

post : 2013.08.29 16:00

"Hinpun Gajumaru" is the symbol of Nago city, Okinawa prefecture. Its name comes from the word "Hinpunshi" which is another name for the "Sanpuryumyaku", the stone monument that was placed under the tree.
Hinpun is the blind fence built between the gate and the main building in traditional Okinawan houses.
Said to be more than 240 years old, Hinpun Gajumaru has also been chosen as a national natural treasure.
It is like its greatness protects the city.
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