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Ippei Flowers are Now in Full Bloom in Okinawa!

post : 2021.03.14 07:00

Originating from Brazil, South America, the yellow flowers are called golden trumpets in Japanese, and in Okinawa, they’re known as "Ippei" and they bloom from February to March on the island. These pretty flowers bloom a month or two earlier than in mainland Japan and are now in season for us to enjoy throughout Okinawa Island, across the southern and northern regions. There’s a well-known street behind Central Park Avenue in Okinawa City called "Ippei Street," where 1,000 Ippei trees are planted, but the spot I’d like to recommend in this article is Izumi in Motobu Town.

From the Izumi parking lot behind Izumi Elementary School, face toward the Prefectural Road 84, and direct your gaze above. Bright pink flowers! It's as vivid as the Kanhi Sakura cherry blossoms of Okinawa, but if you look closely ...?

These pink flowers are also Ippei flowers! Perhaps this tree is decades-old, as the flowers were blooming at a fairly high position. So, I went closer to take a better look...

The shape of the flowers told me that they were Ippei flowers, but just in pink. When I asked a local person, they said, "Yellow Ippei came to Okinawa about 30 years ago, but the pink-flowered Ippei came about 10 years before that." The person also shared that they planted an Ippei plant in their garden which was supposed to have pink flowers, but it was difficult to grow and the tree didn’t flower.


I see, I thought, so the yellow Ippei is easier to grow and that’s why we see them more commonly. The pink Ippei flowers can be seen in various places around the Izumi community, but the most recommended spot is on Prefectural Road 123, on the right-hand side after turning from Prefectural Road 84. The Ippei tree and its flowers are beautiful, with the palm leaves in the background creating a tropical atmosphere, and is a great spot for photos.
(*Please do not enter into the property, but enjoy the sight from the sidewalk area.)

The Ippei look particularly beautiful on this tropical island of Okinawa. When driving to the northern region of the main island during this time of the year, be sure to visit some of our recommended spots and enjoy the pretty spring flowers.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)