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Unheated! Pure! 100% New Zealand Manuka Honey × Blessings of Okinawa [Honey Fusion] (Tomigusuku City)

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You may have heard people say, “how you spend your morning determines how your day will go.” I’m a believer in this, and to start your day on the right foot, how you spend your morning is important. One thing that I do is to prepare something exciting for breakfast. If I have something to look forward to, then getting up early isn’t so bad.

I recently discovered a new favorite; Manuka Honey by Honey Fusion. The honey is collected from Manuka flowers that grow naturally in New Zealand and contains an organic compound called methylglyoxal (MGO) which is not found in other honey, and Manuka honey is rich in this antibacterial ingredient. In addition to antibacterial effects against oral bacteria and H. pylori bacteria, a research group at Nagasaki University reported in 2014, that Manuka honey has antiviral effects against the influenza virus. Consequently, Manuka honey came to be known around the world and is now more available in Japan than before.

(Photo courtesy of Honey Fusion)

Manuka honey offered by Honey Fusion is collected in New Zealand’s historical Tongariro National Park. As the component and taste of the honey can be affected when heat is applied, Honey Fusion is particular about non-heated honey to keep the wonderful flavor and natural goodness.

(Photo courtesy of Honey Fusion)

The president of Honey Fusion, Naoko McIlvride, who is originally from Okinawa, and her husband and vice president of the company, Glenn, wanted to “offer products that are a fusion of great things from both countries.” This is what inspired the creation of their popular “Fusion Manuka Honey”.

The local Okinawan ingredients are freeze-dried to keep their natural nutrients and flavors. Combined with the Manuka honey are strawberries from Ginoza Village, ginger from Yaese Town, passionfruit from Itoman, Shikwasa citrus grown in Ogimi Village, and peanuts from Ie Island.

You can add the honey to your yogurt or on your bread, and they’re also wonderful to mix into your carbonated water, tea, or an alcoholic beverage. Just adding a little honey will make your food and drinks even better. Pick up several different flavors to enjoy different tastes every day.

My favorite is the Manuka Honey & Ginger. The delightful taste of the honey and the refreshing kick from the ginger is addictive. I put a tablespoon of Manuka Honey & Ginger in a glass and pour about the same amount of hot water to blend it, then I top the glass full of ice before pouring soda water, and voila, tasty ginger ale is complete. The spicy warmth of the ginger and the refreshing taste is simply marvelous.

The “Manuka Honey & Passionfruit” contains the pulp of the whole fruit so you can enjoy the unique tropical taste and texture of the seeds.

(Octopus carpaccio with Manuka Honey & Passionfruit)

The Manuka honey products by Honey Fusion are great to add to your soda or topped on yogurt, but they’re also awesome for dressings for your salads and carpaccio, and they also go well with meat dishes, too.

At the company-owned factory in Itoman, they tried combining pineapples as well as mangoes with Manuka honey, but since these fruits have rich flavors, the defined tastes weren’t brought out. Still, the factory manager remains passionate and says, “Because pineapples and mangoes are popular fruits that are also produced in Okinawa, we want to continue to work in the development of products using these fruits. We hope to offer products that people will love!”

Together with “The Cheese Guy,” John Davis, who is originally from England and makes amazing cheese in Okinawa using local ingredients, they have created the Manuka Honey & Butter. With a mellow aroma and richness like cheesecake, this Honey & Butter is fantastic on toast.

I put the Honey & Butter on toast and then toasted it for another 30 seconds as the staff advised. The butter melted exquisitely into the bread, and the rich aroma and just the right amount of sweetness spread on the palate. I was in heaven. For this, I’d gladly wake up before sunrise.


To kickstart your day, pick up some Honey Fusion products today!

Honey Fusion (Manuka Honey Specialty Shop)
Address: 2F 603 Takayasu, Tomigusuku City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-850-2003
Hours: 10:00 to 18:00

Also available online at Okinawa CLIP Marche.

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi.


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