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Three Tips to Enjoy an Early Spring Visit to Okinawa

post : 2021.03.26 07:00

In the spring months of March and April, the average temperatures in Okinawa reach 18.7℃ to 21.4℃, and the days get pleasantly warmer. Okinawa welcomes its early summer weather in April and this is the most comfortable time of the year on the islands. As the spring season arrives, there are seasonal events that usually take place in the wonderfully mild weather. One of these events is the official beach openings. In this article, we will introduce three tips on how you can enjoy your time in Okinawa even more during this time of the year, along with various spots! Enjoy your time with family and friends on your spring break.


Season of New Beginnings! See the Magnificent Sights and the Wonders of Life

It’s the whale-watching season in Okinawa from January to March when the humpback whales visit the warm waters of Okinawa to give birth. The season sees its peak from the end of February to mid-March and you can come across these humpback whales at close range at various points such as Ie Island and the Kerama Islands.

From blows, head slaps, bleaching, and various other powerful and dynamic movements of the giant whales will leave anyone in awe as you witness the wonders of life. Whale-watching is a rare and unique experience that you can enjoy in Okinawa because spring arrives here earlier than in other parts of Japan! This would be a great experience to share with your family and close friends. If you’re lucky, you may spot baby whales while you’re out at sea, too.


Enjoying the Arrival of Spring Through Camping

As the Sakura cherry blossom season draws to a close, then arrives the season of new growth. In the lush subtropical nature that spreads throughout the northern region of Okinawa Island, the rich greenery of new growth announces a new season. You can enjoy this time of year simply by going on scenic drives, but we also recommend immersing yourself in the arrival of spring through camping. In this article, we’ll introduce the Tsutsuji (azalea) Eco Park, located in Higashi Village. The camping area is beautifully maintained and there are also bungalows so that anyone can use the facilities without fuss and worry.

Another reason we recommend Tsutsuji Eco Park is because this is the only facility in Okinawa where you can enjoy their Project Adventure which has rock climbing and other activities. Children from elementary school age and older can use the facilities, so this makes this Park a fantastic spot for the whole family to make great memories.


Up until mid-March, the Park usually holds their Higashi Village Azalea Festival where the beautiful flowers are in full bloom ahead of the rest of Japan. This time of year offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the changing seasons and to experience springtime in Okinawa through camping and various other attractions.

This is an enjoyable plan to add to your itinerary when visiting Okinawa with your family during spring, and at Tsutsuji Eco Park, you’ll experience something different and a lot more than other tourist facilities.


Tsutsuji Eco Park in Higashi Village Sonmin-no Mori (Civic Forest)
Location: 766-1 Taira, Higashi Village, Kunigami, Okinawa
Telephone: 0980-43-3300 (Accepting Reservations from 9:00 to 17:30)


Springtime in Okinawa Means It’s Beach Time! An Early Leap into Summer 

The average water temperature in the seas surrounding Okinawa in March is 21.6℃. From mid-March to April is the long-awaited “beach opening” season where you can jump into the summer season earlier than any other region of Japan. Together with the beach opening are various related events in areas across the Prefecture. In this article, we’d like to introduce Naminoue Beach, located nearby the Naha Umisora Tunnel that leads to the Naha Airport. This beach is popular among the locals and welcomes many beachgoers.

The beach opening event for Naminoue Beach is the Naminoue Umisora Festival. The chief priest from the nearby Naminoue Shrine conducts a ceremony to pray for the safety of the beach users, and as soon as the ceremony is finished, the participants all splash into the water. The seawater can be a little bit on the cool side, but most often is warmer than the outdoor temperature, and the beach is filled with smiling faces of the local residents and tourists. I want to leap into summer! If that’s what you’re thinking, the beach opening is a great time to hit the beach. Springtime in Okinawa offers great early summer fun.


Naminoue Beach
Location: 1-24 Wakasa, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone: 098-863-7300


We hope you enjoyed the article. This time of year, Okinawa offers wonderful events and tours that take advantage of the climate, and so we recommend you check out what’s going on in various parts to enhance your visit. By planning your itinerary ahead of time, you can enjoy a smoother and enjoyable trip. We hope that you’ll enjoy your time in Okinawa as you relax in the warmth of the spring sun.

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