Okinawa Tourism Information:FreshVegetablesandHijaareAllHomegrown!KeepConcept“GrownHome,EatenHome!”“MukashiMukashi,”TraditionalShopforOkinawaSobaUsingWoodAsh

Fresh Vegetables and Hija are All Homegrown! Keep Concept “Grown Home, Eaten Home!” “Mukashi Mukashi,” Traditional Shop for Okinawa Soba Using Wood Ash

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They use handmade “Mokkai (wood ash) men (noodle),” which are made by kneading wheat flour mixed with “natural brine water” prepared by wood ash burnt from plants and trees they cut down from the mountain behind the shop.    

Originally the owner, Ms. Nao Ikehara’s father, Isamu-san opened an Okinawa soba noodle shop in 1991 in Goga, Nago City.  When they moved the shop to the current location, Nakayama, Nago City in 2010, they gave it a new name, “Mukashi Mukashi (Long time ago)” and restarted their business.

As a basic concept, they adopted “自産自消(jisan jishou) Grown home, eaten home.” (They go even further than “地産地消(chisan chishou) Locally grown, locally eaten.”

As well as homemade noodles, Most of the ingredients used for their dishes are grown and freshly-harvested vegetables and wild plants from the backyard fields.

You can say this is a crystal result of their concept.

“Shima Yasai Soba (Locally-grown Vegetable Noodle)” (700 yen), a new menu item just appeared on their menu this spring.

Look at this bountiful basket of brightly colored vegetables! Each of freshly-harvested vegetable used for “Shima Yasai Soba” is full of their natural crispness.

The above vegetables are cooked and served in their original yachimun (Okinawan word meaning ‘pottery’).

(Photo: (shown clockwise from) pickled ginger, papaya, goya, red beet, full of fuchiba (Okinawan word meaning ‘felon herb,’ yomogi in Japanese) topped on the noodle. In addition, 11 kinds of fresh, seasonable vegetables harvested from the backyard fields including sunny lettuce, shimana (Okinawan word meaning ‘mustard green’, karashina in Japanese), carrot, komatsuna or Japanese mustard spinach, qing-geng-cai or green pak choi are served together.  Other than nutritious vegetables, kelp, kamaboko (fish minced and steamed), protein-rich sanmainiku (braised pork belly) and souki (tender pork rib) are actually hidden under the vegetables.  They can guarantee well-balanced nutrition and a feeling of fullness.  After eating, you feel refreshed and energy from the core of the body. 

The original soup is made with the rich base of pork broth with flavor of dried bonito flakes, which gives firm taste and goes perfectly well with homemade noodles. 

“Sanmainiku Soba” (600 yen for large and 500 yen for small), “Souki Soba” (700 yen for large and 600 yen for small), and “Mukashi Mukashi Soba Set” (Soba + Champuru (stir-fried dish) + rice + dessert) 900 yen.

Other popular dishes of “Mukashi Mukashi” are hija (goat) meat dish menu items using hija they raise in their backyard. 

The strong recommendation is their original “Goat Meat Carpaccio” (1,000 yen / 600 yen for trial size). 

Speaking of goat meat, you call an image of distinctive smell, but fresh sashimi of young goat hardly smells. In fact, surprisingly it has a light flavor.  You will find its firm savory flavor, good taste and it is good for building energy.

It is filling because of its glutinous palatability.  Please enjoy the dish with home-grown vegetables with a bonito-flavored soy sauce.

Of course, other hija menu items like “Hija Soba” (1,000 yen for big and 800 yen for small), “Hija Soba Set” (Hija Soba + champuru + rice + dessert, 1,200 yen) are popular.
(* Please make a reservation for all hija menu items.)

In addition, you can find a variety of original yachimun made by Isamu-san on display and sale inside of the shop.  It is fun just to take a look at his works!

“Mukashi Mukashi” pursues the surprising concept “Grown Home, Eaten Home,” using traditional handmade “Mokkai Men” noodle, freshly-harvested home-grown vegetables, and hija (oh, poor goats!) they raise at home. 

“Mukashi Mukashi” is a one of a kind, long-established shop among numerous Okinawa soba shops.  The shop has a special kind of glow.

Mukashi Mukashi 

Address: 694-1, Nakayama, Nago City
TEL: 0980-54-4605
Hours: 11:00~18:00(Closed as soon as they are sold out)
Closed on Thursdays
Parking: Available

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa(Qey Word)