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Stylish “select shops” that offer quality, hand-picked items line the street just one block in from the bustling Kokusai Street.
This is Ukishima Street, where you’ll find the special shop that I’ll be introducing in this article.

The storefront has an eye-catching red window and door frames, and a tall, potted olive tree.
“I wonder what this shop offers?” I wondered as I opened the door.
I was welcomed by a waft of gentle and comfortable aromas.


The name of the shop is La Cucina Boutique.
It means “the soap boutique”, and I couldn’t remember if I’d ever heard of a soap boutique, but once inside the shop, I understood.

There was simply no other way of describing this shop but as a “soap boutique”, with their merchandise displayed like stylish clothing and accessories throughout the shop.
They offered handmade soaps made with 100% natural ingredients like herbs and aromas, bath salts with Okinawa’s sea salt, and various essential oils used for the soaps and salts.


The soaps offered at La Cucina are made with the cold process method, using the naturally derived heat of 40 degrees Celsius that fully utilizes the benefits of the active ingredients found in the plant ingreidients.
After your regular face-washing, you’ll find that the effective beauty and moisturizing ingredients of the soaps will leave your skin supple.

The natural soaps at La Cucina are made carefully one by one in the traditional method, with several plant-based oils like virgin olive oil, rosehip, evening primrose, jojoba oils, and others that are left to mature for six weeks.


A popular line of facial soaps at La Cucina are their soaps made with Okinawan ingredients. Ingredients like Gettou (ginger lily), green papaya, and Kucha or Okinawan clay, have high contents of beauty ingredients.

These five varieties of soaps have high cleansing power and give a refreshing finish.
The Gettou & Kucha as well as the Green Papaya is recommended for acne, and their Ryukyu Indigo is made with natural indigo components.
The Sugarcane contains mineral-rich Okinawan sugarcane, and the Hibiscus has a lovely, exotic aroma.

The fragrances are created by blending several different natural essential oils, which is delightful every time you use them.

Besides facial soaps like these, they also offer a great variety of others like body soaps, soaps that you can use as shampoo, as well as soaps to wash your dishes.


Shown above are bath salts using sea salt from the oceans surrounding the Okinawan islands, and scented with 100% natural essential oils. These bath salts offer a wonderful resort feel as you soak in your tub, and in fact, these are also available at resort hotels within Okinawa.

On the left are their Ryukyu Aroma, a line of their aroma oil blends that uses Gettou ginger lilies and Shikwasa citrus. The red-tile diffuser for the oils is made with the same clay as the red-tiled roofs, and you can use it anywhere by pouring a couple of drops of oil to enjoy the relaxing aromas.


The bath salts shown above are also great.
The name of this line is called “Ofuro de Shima Meguri”, meaning “touring the islands in your tub”.
Just as the name suggests, each of the five varieties is made with sea salt from the seas surrounding five different Okinawan islands.

With these bath salts, you can reminisce about the wonderful trip to the islands, or plan to visit these islands as you relax in your bathtub…
How lovely it is to enjoy a leisurely bath with a resort-feel in the comforts of your bathroom.


For items unique to Okinawa, I recommend their Shikwasa citrus and Gettou ginger lily essential oils.

The Shikwasa used for the essential oil is harvested at Katsuyama Shikw``asa farm in Katsuyama, Nago City, famous for their Shikwasa production.
Only the freshest fruits are selected for the essential oil, with only one gram extracted from 20 kilograms of Shikwasa, making it pretty precious.
You can enjoy the freshly squeezed citrus scent once you open the cap.

The Gettou ginger lily is one of the most famous herbs produced in Okinawa, and these plants are quite popular and can be found in the yards of many homes.
The leaves are a natural insect and mold repellent, and since ages past, people of Okinawa used the leaves to wrap Mochi and other foods to prevent them from spoiling.
The ginger lilies have excellent bacteria-killing properties, and the scent is unique and delightful and is said to help clear your mind and alleviate sinus and allergy symptoms.

The moisturizing balms at La Cucina help to calm skin irritations and inflammations due to dry skin after sun exposure and you can also rub a little around your collar like a solid perfume to enjoy the delightful scent.


The Kucha clay used to make the soaps and bath salts have been used in Okinawa since long ago as a cleaning agent to wash hair and body.
It contains minerals that are essential for healthy skin.

The clay clings onto dirt but has a mild feel, so after washing their face, people use Kucha to prevent acne by mixing warm water with the clay powder to use as a facial pack.

(Photo: Courtesy of La Cucina)

Many people find that relaxing baths are effective to lower stress levels.
Just like looking for clothes that fit your body and tastes, at La Cucina, you can choose various soaps and bath salts to suit whateverscent you might feel like for your daily bath time and to help you with various skin conditions.

The staff at La Cucina are also knowledgeable about aromatherapy and they offer great advice and recommendations to meet your preferences and to assist you with any skin issues. Be sure to drop by when you’re in the neighborhood!


La Cucina Soap Boutique
Address: 1F, 2-5-31 Matsuto, Naha City, Okinawa
Telephone & FAX: 098-988-8413
Hours: 12:00 to 20:00 (Closed Wednesdays)



Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Takano Nakao