Okinawa Tourism Information:AddRyukyuanteatoyourdailyroutine.MadewithOkinawaningredients,[RYUDAYSTEA]ishealthyforyourmindandbody.

Add Ryukyuan tea to your daily routine.
Made with Okinawan ingredients,
[RYU DAYS TEA] is healthy for your mind and body.

post : 2021.06.27 20:00

After a relaxing weekend, Mondays tend to bring the blues…right? To clear your mind of the Monday blues, here are some teas to help you feel refreshed.


[RYU DAYS TEA] are a variety of Ryukyuan teas blended with a special blend for each day of the week to assist you according to your biorhythm.

Maria Goya, the developer of RYU DAYS TEA, says, “I hope people will introduce Ryukyuan tea into their daily lives for maintaining good physical and mental health.”

Goya-san’s grandfather was Okinawa’s first male hairstylist and established a beauty school in Okinawa on the island, and thanks to him, “beauty” was always a part of Goya-san’s childhood. She took on the role of representative for the Ryukyu Biyo Kenkyujo (Ryukyu beauty research), an organization dedicated to the study of beauty in Okinawan culture. Through her research into the techniques and wisdom surrounding beauty in Okinawan culture since the period of the Ryukyuan dynasty period, and which have been passed down the generations, Goya-san shares her findings to the people of Okinawa and beyond.

“In Okinawa, over 200 varieties of herbs are either cultivated or naturally grown. When we study the history of Ryukyu, tea (herbal tea) is something that we almost always come across. In the past, tea was a very important part of daily life and people enjoyed them daily, but people living in modern times are very busy and it’s not always easy to find the time to make tea…Also, herbal tea can have strong aromas and flavors, so that may be another reason why people today aren’t drinking as much herbal tea as in the past. Still, I hope that people will discover the wonderful varieties of herbs found in Okinawa and become interested in their positive effects. As the number of herb farmers is on the decline, I also hope to offer ongoing support, in any way we can, to these farmers…”

The herbs (tea leaves) for RYU DAYS TEA are all produced in Okinawa Prefecture. They contain no artificial fragrances, and only natural ingredients are blended. They’re made with several variations of ingredients that were selected with great care so that “people can enjoy them every day.”


The “Monday” blend contains green tea, mugwort, lemongrass, and mint so that you can start the week off with a refreshing cup of tea.

For Wednesday, the hump day, when you might find it a little challenging to get motivated, the Wednesday blend contains Pipachi (Okinawan pepper) which will give you the boost you need to get over the mid-week.

Finally, when Friday arrives, many people enjoy getting back into the more relaxed pace to soothe the body and mind. The Friday blend contains Kuwanso, or daylily, which will assist in quality sleep, as well as Gettoh, or ginger lily, with a fragrance that has soothing effects. The blend is perfect for a Friday night just before bed to relax your body and mind from the week’s fatigue.

Besides weekday blends, RYU DAYS TEA also offers blends for Saturday, Sunday, and a Holiday. What’s more, they have a blend called the Solo-Wellness Day, which was inspired by the hopes that “people will have a chance to enjoy a lovely cup of tea and spend quality time just reflecting on themselves.” Goya-san adds, “I think that spending time alone is important for people today, where we find ourselves so busy with various things and we tend to pile up stress.” She says time alone is also important to nurture independence and boost confidence. Whether you’re single, married, or have a partner or children, perhaps finding even a short period every day when you can spend some time on your own, sipping tea, and really listening to your heart, can help in fulfilling your mind and soul.

Another great thing is that the tea bags and tea containers for RYU DAYS TEA are made with eco-friendly materials that were carefully selected. Kind and gentle not only for your body and mind but also to the environment, RYU DAYS TEA is a fantastic addition to your daily routine. Why don’t you give it a try?



Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi