Okinawa Tourism Information:[KENKENRetoPrivateVilla]welcomesitsguestswiththoughtfulhospitality(limitedto1partyperday)

[KENKEN Reto Private Villa] welcomes its guests with thoughtful hospitality (limited to 1 party per day)

post : 2021.06.30 19:00

Experience the extraordinary by staying at a resort villa like a vacation rental.

The extraordinary private villa that I’d like to introduce in today’s article is located in Kenken, Motobu Town, situated in the northern region of Okinawa Island. Kenken is the area at the opposite shore of Sesoko Island, also in Motobu Town, and the villa sits atop a hill that overlooks the Kenken community.

The name of this lovely lodge, surrounded by the rich greenery of the Yanbaru (Motobu) area, is KENKEN Reto Private Villa, where guests have the whole house which is spacious and comes with an outdoor pool. The villa is available for one party per day, and since there are no other guestrooms or villas in its surroundings, guests have the luxury of having the whole place to themselves. With walls that surrounding the facility, complete privacy is ensured.

The spacious yard and the view observed from the rooftop area also offer a great sense of openness to enhance your stay. What’s more, since you’re completely surrounded by nature, you hardly hear any cars or other noise, but instead, you’ll be delighted at the sounds of the breeze and chirping of the birds as you relax in comfort.

As you enter the villa, you’ll be welcomed by the very spacious living room and kitchen, with the sparkling lights reflected from the inviting pool outside that shower into the interior through the huge, single-panel glass window. The living room purposely has no TV, so that guests can enjoy the serenity of the location.

The kitchen and various other places in the KENKEN Reto Private Villa are equipped with BLAMUDA and other high-end appliances for guests to enjoy a comfortable stay. The living room has The Pure (A01A) air purifier from BALMUDA, as well as their Bluetooth speaker, The Speaker (M01A-BK). You can adjust the lighting on the speaker to candle mode and enjoy the music playing in the background as you enjoy the ambiance.

Luxurious design and touches that show the particular tastes of the owner.

Yukihiro Tamaki worked on this hotel after becoming independent as an architect to pursue his ideals and started from the very beginning of looking for the location. What seemed like an alignment of coincidences and what was meant to be, Tamaki-san came across this piece of land that was owned by his great-grandfather, and finally became the owner of this villa. After 10 years since he first came up with the idea, Tamaki-san opened his villa in February 2021.

The sink area is designed to appreciate the greenery outside and to invite natural lighting. The double sinks also offer great convenience.

Next to the bathroom is the laundry area with a drum-type washing machine, making it hassle-free for guests who are staying consecutive nights. Detergent for the washing machine is also available.

Further in from the laundry area is the bathroom. There is a bathtub and a large showerhead to enjoy a leisurely bath as you look out to the garden. There’s a door that leads directly to the garden, so you can head straight into the bathroom from a nice dip in the pool.

The bedroom holds two semi-double beds placed on an elevated floor and they're comfortable to ensure a good night’s sleep. There’s also a large TV in the bedroom, as well. Next to the switches for the reading light are plug-ins for AC adapters and USB to recharge your gadgets. The glass door from the bedroom also leads directly to the garden.

And finally, to the pool in the garden. Since Okinawa enjoys a long period of mild weather, with beaches opening for swimmers around the beginning of spring, guests can enjoy the pool throughout the year except for in the winter when some days can get chilly. The pool depth is separated into two levels, so you can cool down with your legs dangling in the shallow water, enjoy a beer or other refreshing beverages as you relax at the poolside.

Refresh your mind and body at the adjacent yoga room.

The structure standing next to the villa is a yoga room that the guests can use for free. You can use it alone for stretching and other exercises, or you can talk to the owner, Tamaki-san, and arrange for a yoga instructor. His wife, Yuka-san, offers sunset yoga, morning yoga, and other lessons as an optional service.

The yoga room is especially recommended for use at around sunset. The beautiful rays of the setting sun pour into the room from between the trees and branches outside to create a peaceful setting. You can focus on your breathing, or quietly reflect as you meditate or engage in Zazen. The room offers a great opportunity to reset your mind and body from your busy, everyday life.

A wonderful culinary experience.
Create delicious dishes using high-quality home appliances.

With the fully equipped kitchen, it’s great to load up on meats, vegetables, fruits, and other groceries so you can prepare a feast for dinner with your partner, friends, or family. Motobu Town is famous for the Motobu Beef, a type of quality Japanese Kuroge Wagyu beef, and is also known for its bonito fishing. The villa is within a 10-minute drive to fish and municipal markets, and also to several supermarkets, so shopping for groceries is very convenient.

There are various cooking utensils to make your cooking experience fun and easy, and with the Aladdin Graphite Griller, you can grill your thick steak on both sides at once, and it even has a ventilating system so that you don’t have to worry about getting that smoky smell in the rooms or on your clothes. Other great appliances include the Table Grill Pure by Princess, a hotplate that drips off excess grease, and The Gohan rice cooker by BALMUDA automatically controls the water absorption so you can cook the rice immediately after rinsing. It was fantastic to enjoy the delicious dishes that we prepared during our stay, using these high-end appliances.

Indulging in the serenity of the night pool and the surroundings.

You can create a romantic setting by floating candles on the pool at night, or go up onto the roof garden to gaze up at the stars. Whatever you choose to do, I’m certain that you will enjoy the wonderfully peaceful evenings at the villa.

As you awake by the lovely sounds of nature in the morning, I recommend a nice morning stroll of the surrounding neighborhood. After a refreshing walk, breathing in the fresh clean air of the morning, your relaxed body will be ready for breakfast. We decided to make a simple breakfast of bacon and cheese on toast with The Toaster by BALMUDA and put together some fruits and a salad.

The villa is also recommended for repeat visitors to Okinawa.


We spent our morning hours reading by the poolside and sipping our morning tea with the water we boiled in the iron kettle by Nanbu Tekki. To accompany our tea, we had macarons that we picked up from Ringo Café located on Sesoko Island across the water. We thoroughly enjoyed our morning in leisure, all the way up to checkout time.

The villa is located about 12 minutes by car from Churaumi Aquarium and is highly recommended even for guests who are big fans of Okinawa and have visited numerous times. It’s a perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones or significant other, to kick back and relax to refresh your body and soul. You can book the villa like you would other types of vacation rentals and indulge in the luxurious setting and enjoy an extraordinary time.


KENKEN Reto Private Villa
Address: 582 Kenken, Motobu Town, Kunigami, Okinawa
(Located 90 minutes from Naha Airport, 12 minutes to Churaumi Aquarium by car)
Check-In: 14:00
Check-Out: 11:00
Official Website:       

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Hiroshi Kuwamura