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[Miyako Island] Introducing 5 Healthy & Delicious Spots

post : 2021.12.31 22:00

In this article, we’ve selected several establishments that offer wonderful creations that bring out the best in the local ingredients in Miyako Island that they carefully choose. Because the ingredients contain so much flavor and nutritional power, they don’t need any unnecessary additions. We hope you’ll enjoy our introduction of shops that offer tastes and flavors put together by the expert hands of the chefs using simple cooking methods and that are safe and healthy for your body.

Encounter the delicious flavors unique to Miyako Island, filled with love and care.

1. [Shokusai Kamata] offers handmade Japanese Teuchi Soba made from buckwheat grown on the island.

Enjoy handmade/hand-cut Japanese Teuchi Soba noodles made from Soba or buckwheat grown on Miyako Island. The buckwheat produced in Miyako absorbs the rich minerals carried by the sea breeze that flows across the island, and the noodles made with the buckwheat have a pleasantly firm texture without any stickiness. You’ll find the distinctive aroma of buckwheat and the delicate sweetness truly enjoyable.

The assorted tempura that comes with the Soba includes Goya (bitter melon) Urizun Mame (winged beans), Fuchiba or Yomogi (mugwort leaves), Okra, Kabocha (pumpkin), and other fresh seasonal vegetables procured on the island.


Preparations for the Soba noodles begin at 6:00 AM every morning, and they have many regular customers who come by for their weekly Nihon Soba meals. Swing by Shokusai Kamata to try their Soba made from buckwheat grown in Japan’s southernmost buckwheat fields.

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2. The simple ingredients in the sandwiches and sweets served at [Café Nuis] are a welcoming combination of great tastes.

If you’re looking to relax and enjoy some tasty eats, we recommend Café Nuis. Try their hot sandwich with juicy meat, flavorful cheese, and eggs in their toasted bread and also their housemade scones and muffins. You’ll be delighted with the tastes.


Their coffee is an original blend that was created under and roasted by a barista who won a world championship. They also offer housemade ginger ale and other unique beverages that are carefully made and selected to go with their dishes. Also available at the shop are high-quality soaps that are made with 99% natural ingredients of Miyako Island.

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3. For baked donuts made from Okara soy pulp from local Shima Tofu, and house-roasted coffee, visit [Ningin Shoten].

If you’re looking to find a great cup of coffee, head to Ningin Shoten, where you will be served a delicious coffee that’s been carefully selected by the shop’s owner. The coffee beans are roasted in different ways according to where they’re from and ground right before your eyes before being carefully prepared by hand-dripping.


Together with your wonderful cup of coffee, try their housemade baked donuts that contain Okara or soy pulp from local Shima Tofu. The café is a great stop to take a break and for you to enjoy their various other beverages like fruit drinks made with organic Shikwasa and lemon.

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4. Stop by [RICCO Gelato] for blessings of the island that your body will love, like tropical fruits and fresh milk.

At Ricco Gelato, you’ll find tantalizing gelatos that put the fresh local ingredients at center stage. The various flavors contain mangoes, passion fruits, and other tropical fruits, as well as carefully grown herbs, and fresh milk.

The owner lived in Italy to learn the ropes, and that’s where the inspiration to create a shop where “the kitchen is connected to the forests and fields.” And so, that’s why most of their ingredients are made or grown in their fields. Because all the ingredients procured for the day are only the amount needed to make gelato for the day’s sales, their gelatos are always fresh and at the peak of their deliciousness.

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5. Fresh ingredients of the day for the dishes served that day. Collaboration of Miyako Island’s ingredients and Italian cuisine at [Doncolism].

[Doncolism] offers various Italian dishes featuring fresh catch of the day directly from the fishing port, local vegetables like Goya bitter melon and Moui squash, tropical fruits like passionfruits and dragon fruits, Miyako Beef, and other wide variety of the island’s blessings.

To “cook the best and tastiest dishes made with the best ingredients of the day,” the people at Doncolism deal directly with the growers to procure the ingredients. We recommend their Chef’s Omakase (selection) Course, which includes an assortment of appetizers, two kinds of pasta, a main dish, and dessert.

The secret behind their delicious creations is the respect that the chefs and staff of Doncolism have for the island of Miyako. The island’s nature, the deeply rooted culture, the locals, the comfortable flow of time, and other wonderful things about Miyako Island are why they’re able to offer original dishes that you can only enjoy at Doncolism. With the delectable dishes packed with the island’s blessings and the passion of those who prepared them, your time in Miyako Island will surely be the best.

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Written by Ai Matsuda, Edited by Aya Asakura

*The information in this article is from the time of the report. Please check relevant official websites for updated information.