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Bingata T-shirt with Gentle Color and Pretty Design

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Depicting the nature and culture of Okinawa, bingata has been developed as an Okinawan traditional dyeing. 


A bingata item of Workshop Sangomushi has a gentle shade of color among brilliant colors and pretty designs. So, just taking a look at it will make you unwind from everyday struggles.  Originally, Mrs. Nakanishi started dyeing an obi belt for a traditional kimono, but one day she thought, “I want my child to try on bingata!” As she has been making T-shirts, they have enjoyed a good reputation.  Now not only T-shirts, she also makes bibs and socks, etc.

It is so delightful to wear a bingata garment.♪

This T-shirt has a fresh design of a backhoe created by her wish that a boy can wear it easily, too!  I am impressed to see that a modern motif can be a design for bingata.

As Mrs. Nakanishi adds colors very carefully onto each T-shirt, even the same patters have different use of colors.  She can dye someone’s name on a shirt, so it will be the only one in the world.  You might want to give it to someone special as a gift.

Bingata is one of the representative traditional dyeing methods of Okinawa.

During the Ryukyu Kingdom period, only royal family members and upper-class warrior family members were allowed to wear it.  Bingata costumes were worn on auspicious occasions as a ceremonial lobe.  I feel it is so luxury to adopt such a noble Okinawan traditional dyeing into everyday lifestyle!

This is Mrs. Nakanishi from Workshop Sangomushi.

After moving to Okinawa, she was fascinated by bingata and mastered the technique while working at a bingata studio.  She told me about herself and her bingata goods with a smile, saying “I am so happy when I make a bingata item.”

Her smile made me even a bigger fan of hers. ♪

Wearing a Sangomushi’s bingata item with the gentle tone and relaxing design, which is produced by such a lovely Nakanishi-san, you will surely keep a smile on your face.

【You can find Sangomushi products in the following shops】

Okinawa Wind

Address: 2-5-2, Makishi, Naha City
TEL: 098-943-0244
Hours: 11:00~20:00(~22:00 from July to September)
Always Open except December 31 to January 3
Parking : Not available (Coin-operated parking is available next to the shop)

Workshop Amamu

Address: 301-1, Aza-Kudeken, Chinen, Nanjo City
Hours: 11:00 to Sunset
They are closed irregularly and take some holiday occasionally.
(Heavy rainy day, etc.)

EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel & Spa

Address: 1478, Kishaba, Kitanakagusuku Village
TEL: 098-935-1500(main phone)

Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resort Okinawa

Address: 1456, Yamakawa, Motobu Town
TEL:  0980-51-7700

Tintotinto (accommodation)

Address: 385-1, Tokijin, Nakijin Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa
(If a car navigation system does not display the location, please try with “387.” )
TEL: 0980-56-5998

Hirariyo Shouten

Address: 203, Okawa, Ishigaki City
TEL: 0980-87-0797
Hours: 10:00 ~
They are closed irregularly and take some holiday occasionally.

Kagisuma Zakka Gajumaru

Address: 104-1, Kurima, Shimoji, Miyako City
Hours: 11:00 to 18:30
They are closed irregularly and take some holiday occasionally.

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