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Motobu Beef Nikuju (Beef Box), A Deluxe Bento Box with Top-Ranking A5 Motobu Beef

post : 2022.05.31 23:00

“We want to offer a Bento that people would want to enjoy on special occasions.”
One day, through a network of acquaintances, I received a call from a steakhouse on the island.


The steakhouse is called Every Choice and is located in the southern region of Okinawa, in Yaese Town. The establishment is a local favorite and is bustling with customers particularly at lunchtime when locals and business people from the area gather to enjoy their dishes.

Before relocating to Okinawa in 2013, I worked as a food coordinator and was involved in creating menus and product development. The food culture in Okinawa is different from that of mainland Japan and is unique. There are foods and ingredients available here that aren’t commonly found in other prefectures (like Umibudo, winged beans, Jimami Tofu, Yushi Dofu, Irabucha, Gurukun, Tebichi, Mimiga, Tofuyo, and others). When I first relocated here, I quickly adopted a hobby of visiting various markets and supermarkets to find new things. Eventually, I began to think to myself, “I want to develop a product made with Okinawan ingredients.”

So, when I got this call, I quickly accepted the challenge.


I was told that the most popular item among the regular customers at Every Choice is their Tenderloin Steak, but I was adamant about sticking to Okinawan ingredients. I suggested a Bento Box using Okinawa’s beef brand, the Motobu Beef.

Motobu cattle are fed a blend of fermented feed including brewer’s grain from Orion Beer production and are nurtured in a stress-free environment. Motobu Beef has also been awarded the grand prize by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. 

In deciding what cut to use, I wanted to make sure that the meat remained tender even when eaten cold, and because I personally enjoy some fat on the meat, I decided to go with the rib roast, a cut from in between the chuck and sirloin. To have a nice, juicy bite, we made thick slices (7mm), and after heating the hot iron, we quickly cooked the meat to give it a savory aroma and flavor.

This is how the Motobu Beef Nikuju Bento was completed. One Bento is priced at 2,900 Yen, and the meat is delicious with just a sprinkle of salt, but we also recommend Every Choice’s original sauce, made with Uchinanchu’s (Okinawan people) favorite, the A1 Sauce.

The Motobu Beef in the Bento is tender and finely textured. The fat has a rich and sweet taste with great umami and goes well with the rice. Accompanying the beef Korean namul, made with fresh Okinawan vegetables of the season, and also to refresh your palate is Daikon Konbu-jime, vegetables wrapped in daikon slices and held together with a Konbu tie.

To get your hands on the Motobu Beef Nikuju Bento, place your order (by phone) at least three days before you’d like to pick up your Bento. A luxurious Bento Box with top quality, A5-ranked Motobu Beef. We hope you’ll enjoy it.


Steakhouse Every Choice
Address: 79 Iha, Yaese Town
Telephone: 098-998-8966
Hours: 11:00 to 15:00, 17:30 to 21:00 (please call during business hours to place Bento orders)

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Sachiko Tachi