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Parlor Ganjuya; An Oasis on Taketomi Island

post : 2023.05.31 20:00

Located at the entrance to the village on Taketomi Island is Parlor Ganjya.


You can take a fast ferry from Ishigaki Island to reach the island of Taketomi in about 10 short minutes.

From Taketomi Port, walk straight up the road towards the village to find Parlor Ganjuya.


The parlor is a small establishment that began in 2002, with a food truck in the garden that offers Blue Seal ice cream, shaved ice, juices, and other refreshments, and there is a courtyard and a room in the residence for customers to relax and enjoy.

In 2016, Ganjuya began as an inn, offering a traditional cottage-style accommodation limited to two parties a night. The adjacent Parlor Ganjuya was then added for the renewal opening.

An Oasis for All

The parlor isn’t only popular among visitors to the island but is also an oasis for the residents of Taketomi Island.


The children of the island, in particular, can be seen flocking to the parlor after school and on the weekends with coins in their hands to buy treats like ice cream and shaved ice.

A wonderful place to relax.

The owner of the parlor, Kozue Uchimori, says, “On our menu and in the shop, I share all the delightful and delicious things I’ve encountered. For visitors to the island, I hope that they will stop by for a break on their way back from the beach or their strolls. And for the residents of the island, I hope that this is a place where they can come by to feel refreshed and relaxed. I hope to continue offering a wonderful place to relax.”


A garden with a parasol, and a peaceful interior.

On sunny days, I recommend seats outside, under the parasol with the gentle breeze and the sweet chirping of the birds, and seeing the lush greenery sway in the sunlight. Relaxing with the sounds and sights, you can immerse yourself in the delightful atmosphere of the island.

Inside is a welcoming atmosphere with warmth from the wooden furnishings made by woodwork craftsmen from the Yaeyama region. You’ll find beverages served in coffee cups created by artists on Taketomi Island, Noren curtains dyed by artists on Ishigaki Island, and various other items featuring the breathtaking nature and culture of the Yaeyamas that fill the room. These are the ‘delightful things’ that Uchimori-san has encountered throughout her life on the island.

“All the things I use in the shop or are found in the shop are familiar things that I love. So when a customer says how they like the coffee cup, I’m delighted to share with them my recommendations,” says Uchimori-san.

Further inside is a small tatami area which is convenient for customers with small children.

The toys placed on the shelves reflect the kindness and warmth of the establishment.


A place of ties and bonds.

Uchimori-san shares, “I’ve been running this shop with the help and support from food suppliers I do business with, and the staff that work with me. I always feel that Ganjuya has come this far with the ties and bonds of those around me. For our family, the shop is a part of our lives. For me, this is where I belong. For my kids who have left the nest, this is a place that will never change and a place where they can always come home to. I hope Ganjuya can be a place for all our customers to feel the same.”

Parlor Ganjuya is a special place where people and things are connected with a heartwarming bond, and where people can exhale and feel comfortable in the surroundings. It’s truly a special oasis for everyone.


Parlor Ganjuya
Address: 2279-1 Taketomi, Taketomi Town, Yaeyama, Okinawa
Telephone: 0980-85-2211
Hours: 11:00 to 17:00 (Last Order at 16:30)
Closed: Irregularly

Okinawa CLIP photo writer, Akiko Mizuno