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The Origin of Popo !? Sobe Popo

post : 2014.06.06 16:00

Popo is one of the traditional snacks of Okinawa. Flour and eggs are mixed and cooked thinly like crepes, andansu (oil miso) is put in the center and then it is rolled up. If you were to ask what the origin of this simple snack was, it would be Sobe Popo from Sobe, Yomitan-son.

The special quality of Sobe Popo is the fluffy yet heavy dough which is kneaded with brown cane sugar. And unlike normal popo, there isn’t any andansu. The suitably simple sweetness of the brown sugar has made this a treat that has been loved by locals since long ago.  

The unique sound of the name “popo” comes from the influence of a snack from China but the spread throughout Okinawa started from the Sobe area.

Long ago there was a farming festival in the Sobe area that took place in the 4th month of the lunisolar calendar called Abushibare (Insect Warding) where popo was offered, and those who came down to see the horse race that coincided with Abushibare would treat themselves to popo, which is how it spread throughout Okinawa. Even now in the Sobe area on the 14th and 15th day of the 4th month of the lunisolar calendar, a large amount of Sobe popo is made and shared with relatives and neighbors!

At Yunta Ichiba in Yomitan-son, Okinawa there is a variety of handmade popo for sale. You can easily buy it so look for your favorite popo!

Okinawa Clip Photo Writer Reina Chinen (0173)