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The Artistic Fire Dancer Who Controls Fire

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Both within and outside of Japan, I have personally seen a lot of fire dancing but when I first saw his performance, the high quality and beautiful way he carried himself gave me a chill from the bottom of my heart.

Kwun, who is from Kyoto, is the representative of the performance troupe “Project Agni”. With Okinawa as a base, they are a globally active fire dancer group who perform in places like 7 stars hotels in Thailand and music events in Australia. They also perform at famous events in Japan like the Fuji Rock Festival.
Kwun originally did mixed martial arts, doing karate for three years and Nippon Kempo for five years, making him a double threat. He encountered fire dancing during an extended stay in Australia in 2004. By chance, there were a lot of fire dancers staying at the guest house he was at in Australia, and they played and practiced on the beach in the dark hours of the night almost every night. He felt more attracted to making people happy than to the power of mixed martial arts and got deeper and deeper into it. While forming together his performance style, he discovered that he could connect the martial art movements that he had been doing until then and created the unique style he uses today.

After returning home briefly, he went back to Australia for 2 years in 2005 and got a special qualification to do street performances. And while performing in front of the Sydney Opera House, he polished up his skills.

In 2009, he relocated to Okinawa. The warm climate of Okinawa and the ability to maintain one’s body in the beautiful nature makes it a good place to improve as a performer. With the stillness and motion of martial arts as the basis of his movement, his moves are light and beautiful as if the fire dances with him. You may be startled to see him swallow fire but according to him, “Mysteriously when I am doing the performance, I am focused, probably because of the adrenaline, and it is not hot at all. When you are focusing you understand the flow of air. You can discriminate the hot parts from the parts that are not so hot. So I have never had an accident.”   

Last summer, Project Agni regularly performed in the Tingara Garden show at Zanpa Royal Hotel. Agni is the Hindu god of fire.
Naturally, Kwun made a story that wove together belly dancing and directed the special effects of the performance.

Along with further polishing his movements, he aims to combine music, fire and visuals to make a first class performance and perform in a wide range of activities both solo and as a team.

If you are in Okinawa then you have good luck and have plenty of chances to see his performance. Check the event information, so that you can go and feel the impact.

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