Okinawa Tourism Information:BeautifulOceanViewfromHeightinNakijinVillage…ParadiseTimeSpentatSecretPrivateResort“chillma”

Beautiful Ocean View from Height in Nakijin Village… Paradise Time Spent at Secret Private Resort “chillma”

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The reddish brown, earth-colored appearance of the accommodation stands on a hill peacefully near the Unten Port, Nakijin Village in the north of Okinawa, which is reminiscent of a resort in the southern Europe. An absolute private petit resort “chillma,” a long-stay accommodation, opened in January, 2012.

As you just follows the signs and drive through the country road where there are no man-made things to get in the way, you can suddenly see this sight!

Admirably beautiful water showing gradation with emerald green, blue, cobalt blue  and Kouri Island floating in the water sweep away just before your eyes.

(The photo is provided by chillma.)

On about 1,650 ㎡ premises, the accommodation has a main building that houses a reception desk and a bar counter and one-story villa with three guest rooms.  It is not so large, but a hideaway paradise space is packed in the atmosphere of silence and tranquility.

(The photo is provided by chillma.)

All the guestrooms are 52 ㎡ or bigger; a deluxe room at a resort hotel-level of space will guarantee your comfortable stay.  
Two rooms are furnished with king-size beds and one is Hollywood twin beds.  Each room differs in structure. 

A living room has large windows, a terrace provides a feeling of openness, and a bathroom commands a stunning view.  It is so luxurious!

(The photo is provided by chillma.)

(The photo is provided by chillma.)

A fully equipped kitchen with IH heater, refrigerator, cooking utensils, dishes, etc. guarantees a comfortable stay for you with your friends or family as if you were living together.  

It is particularly worth noting that “Infinity Pool” makes possible an almost perfect assimilation with the East China Sea in the background.  You will be genuinely touched by shade so natural that you develop an illusion that the pool goes straight down to be connected with the sea without damaging the landscape around it.  You can enjoy swimming in season, of course, as well as relax at the pool side with cold drinks or alcohol drinks.

Please enjoy “Yonnaa, Yonnaa (Okinawan phrase meaning “Go slow.”)”

(The photo is provided by chillma.)

 In addition, when you walk down about 20m on the alley in front of the accommodation on the premises, a really private beach sweeps away, which is  isolated from the outside world.  You can enjoy snorkeling (rent for free) here.  Beautiful tropical fish give you a warm welcome!

(The photo is provided by chillma.)

On a fine day, you can expect romantic scenery of the sun setting down to the western cape.  

(The photo is provided by chillma.)

Also on a clear night, you can have a starry sky and a fantastic light up all to yourself!

(The photo is provided by chillma.)

It is nice to listen to the sound of the surf on natural white sand beach.
It is also nice to read a book all of the time without being interrupted by anybody.

Please create a carefree, luxurious time only for yourselves in a small “Nirai Kanai (Okinawan word meaning “utopia or the other world”), isolated from the bustle of everyday life



Address: 506-1, Unten, Nakijin Village
TEL: 0980-56-5661
Check-in time is from 15:00 to 21:00 Check-out Time until 11:00
Accommodation Fee: (per room / per night) 28,000 yen ~
Capacity: Up to 2 adults
 * 3,000 yen for child (only for one elementary school student or younger)
   * Credit card payments are accepted only for online reservations.
Parking: Available


Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)