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Okinawan Craft Whose Pop Color Makes Your Heart Beat!

post : 2014.06.05 19:00

“tituti” is an Okinawan craft shop run by 4 craftworkers of pottery, bingata, textile, and woodwork and a coordinator.  The shop was renovated from more than 50-year-old traditional house

All craftworks displayed here have traditional flavor and tickle girls’ heart.

We wish everyone would feel Okinawan craft more familiar to him or her.
We wish Okinawan craft would fit naturally into everyone’s living and everyone would feel happy with his or her daily life using it.
With such a feeling, craftworkers here try to make things that people can use it casually in their everyday life.

“tituti”(“te to te” in Japanese) is an Okinawan word meaning “hand (te) and (to) hand (te).” “Te” of a craftworker and “te” of a user.
Two “te” are touched each other in this shop.  This is a place where a craftworker and a customer are connected with each other.

Craftworkers work in the shop 3 or 4 times a month, so they can directly tell what kind of feeling they put into their works.  When a customer picks up their work, they can hear his or her honest comments.  Actually some of items were produced from their conversation with customers here.

This is truly a place where their hands are touched each other to produce a new work.

All craftworkers at such a lovely shop,”tituti” are female.
Maybe because of that, every item is so cute and easy to use. 

Take this mug cup by Ms. Yumiko Kinjo for example.
This is big but light and easy for your fingers slip into the handle.

You can just pick it up with one hand or hold the rounded cup with both hands, either of which, it is easy to use.  You feel comforted with relaxing, gentle colors.

The cobalt blue of this dish reminds you of sky and sea in Okinawa.
It has great presence so that it can be a star at your table.

Bingata items by Ms. Noriko Tanaka are characterized by lively-drawn animals and plants.

Gamaguchi (purse with a metal clasp) with drawings of hija (goat) and flowers grown in Okinawa are i Phone cases.  Card cases next to them look geometric designed at first glance, but actually the motif is a manta ray in Churaumi Aquarium.

Bags of “routon-ori textile,” which has been passed down since the Ryukyu Kingdom period, by Ms. Tomoko Nagaike have a charming name “Osanpo tesage (Handbag for your walk).

When you hold a wooden spatula, you will fall in love with it because the shape perfectly fits in your hand.  When you pick up a butter knife with which you can spread beautifully to the very edge of a toast, you work up an appetite for breakfast.

Woodwork crafts by Ms. Yuriko Nishiishigaki are also brilliant.

After you climb the steep, groaning stair to the second floor, you will find it is filled with more items like postcards, letter paper, and beautiful dishes.  In summer, they have a variety of colorful glassware.

When you take a close look at one by one, a staff member will talk to you gently.

She will talk about the background of the crafts and the passion of craftworkers.

When you listen to her, you will be impressed by such charming crafts, each of which has a small story.  Thus, your “things to buy list” here will be longer and longer! (lol) 

The reason why people want to come back here is beautiful, easy-to-use, carefully-made crafts and the comfortableness of staff’s transparent sincerity of introducing the beauty of their products.

So when you visit “tituti,” I would recommend you go there a little bit earlier.  Time to spend taking a look at each piece and wondering which to buy, time to spend chatting with a staff member,….having such pleasant time will surely make your trip to Okinawa memorable.



Address: 2-23-6 Makishi, Naha City
TEL: 098‐862‐8184
Hours: 9:30 - 17:30
Closed: Thursday 
Official Website:


Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono