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Seaside Café Full of Resort Atmosphere Veiled in Beautiful Sunset

post : 2014.06.06 13:00

At sunset, Sunabe Beach in Chatan Town attracts many tourists and the locals to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

“Transit Café” opened its doors along Sunabe Beach and celebrates its 11th anniversary this year.  It is a popular café perfect for spending a special time with someone special while enjoying a sunset.

Comfortable music is played in the Sunabe Shop, which has white-based plastered wall and interior bought mainly from Bali, that is reminiscent of Asian resort.

Very popular terrace seats are always fully booked during the summer peak season and especially sunset time.

A variety of foreign traditional cuisines cooked in their style are attractive and recommended, but 70% of customers order “Hot, melting Camembert cheese “fondue style”,” which is a strong recommendation.

This cheese “fondue style” Camembert cooked with different seasonings including dairy cream.  It is milder than ordinary cheese fondue, and you can finish the dish so quickly because of the delicious, melting fullness. Surprisingly, they deliver the dish with baguette as a set throughout the nation.

Also “Grilled beef with garlic butter sauce” cooked on a sizzling cast-iron hot plate increases your appetite with its spicy garlic flavor."  It is very popular mainly among foreign customers. 

Of course you want to try tropical cocktails at the seaside resort!

Chi-Chi, Mai-Tai, and Pina Colada as well as arranged mojito using bananas and passion fruits are exquisite. 

Popular cocktails are about 40 kinds on the menu.  If standard mojto, which are not shown on the menu, are counted together, they have totally more than 60 kinds.

In addition, they have always about 30 kinds of wine.  Satisfaction is guaranteed for those who want to enjoy alcohol.  They have a variety kind of non-alcohol cocktail as well, so drivers don’t have to worry.

Currently they have 3 shops: Transit Café PARKSIDE in Naha Shintoshin,  SEAGARDEN in Minato, Chatan Town, and here, Transit Café PARKSIDE along the Sunabe Beach.

If you want to savor a full resort atmosphere during the trip to Okinawa, or to spend a special time with someone special as a date spot, Transit Café PARKSIDE is perfect for you!

Beautiful sunset and soothing wave sound create a fabulous time with delicacy and exquisite alcohol.


Transit Cafe

Address: 2-220-2F, Miyagi, Chatan Town
TEL: 098-936-5076
Hours: (Lunch) 11:00 to 16:00 (Last Order) / (Dinner) 17:00 to 23:30 (Last Order)
Closed: They are closed irregularly and take some holiday occasionally.
Parking: Parallel parking is only allowed along the coastline in front of the shop.
Pets are allowed only at terrace seats.


Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Sandy