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“Fluffy Yushidoufu Soba in Richly-flavored Golden Soup”

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Subaya (Sobaya (in Japanese) meaning noodle shop) called “Yutakaya Soba” is located in Kitanakagusuku Village, Okinawa.  You can find that the shop owner wants customers fill both their mind and stomach with his soba.

 “I want customers to enjoy Okinawan soba while feeling the thoughts of Ryukyuan ancestors and a long heritage of tradition. 

The owner, Mr. Eisuke Oshiro decided to relocate a “kominka (traditional house) which was to be demolished in former Chinen Village (presently Nanjo City).

The kominka using locally-grown woods is beautiful with pillars made of “chaagii (Okinawan name for Podocarpus macrophyllus, inumaki in Japanese), which is a highly dense tree and beams black-colored by smoke from the furnace.  After completing an about two-year relocation work, “Yutakaya Soba” was opened in September, 2002.

After retiring from his last job, he turned his hobby, cooking into a career.  Without on-the-job training, he went into food business.  He dined at noodle shops every day, in pursuit of his own flavor.  Now his soba taste really spreads through your body to enrich (meaning YUTAKA-nisuru) your mind.

 (If you are lucky, you can listen to Okinawan folk music played by Mr. Oshiro.♪)

 “I want to provide a delicious taste that satisfies me,” said Mr. Oshiro.

His soup which is created after taking a process of trial and error includes chiainuki-no-katsuobushi (flakes of dried bonito after removing the dark flesh), vegetable in addition to tonkotsu and torigara (pork and chicken bone) base. Skimming the scum and excess oil thoroughly off the soup makes the taste non-fatty and light. 

He uses a local product “Nuchi Maasu (literally meaning “Salt of Life”) to make the soup mild.  “Kugani (literally meaning “Golden”” soup, which he cooks very gently for 5 hours every day is beautifully shining and goes perfectly well with sticky hand-kneaded noodles.

Neither of the noodle nor the soup beats each other; it is a well-balanced soba. 

My recommended dish is “Yushidoufu Soba,” a soba topped with yushidoufu (unsolidified tofu), which is a perfect match with the soup.  He uses yushidoufu which is cooked in Okinawa City is preservative-free and healthy.  It slides into your mouth smoothly and pleases you with its fluffy texture.  The tasty soup spreads through your body so that you just eat it for the sake of it. 

Scallions topped on the noodle are mainly organic produce from a contract farmer in Nakagusuku Village.  Sanmainiku (braised pork belly) cooked with carefully-selected seasonings has a firm taste on the palate. The more you bite, the richer you can enjoy the taste.     

You must try this homemade “koregusu (an all-around spice which is made from awamori that is spiked with copious amounts of fiery red peppers)”!

Soak Okinawa hot chili peppers in awamori 30% alcohol well, and it is ready to try!

The owner knows the perfect days to be spent for his koregusu before appearing on the tables.

Just a few drops on your noodle can give you a little bit different, distinctive flavor and pungent taste.

In addition, curry using the tasty soup instead of bouillon is a secretly popular menu item!

The taste of the curry makes you want to come back here.  Spicy fried chicken is also irresistible.  Actually I don’t like curry so much, but his curry and rice looks so good that I really want to try next time!
The dish comes with salad and mini soba, so you can try the taste of his soba as well.

He delivers vacuum-packed soba sets throughout the nation, so people outside of Okinawa can also enjoy his soba.  Please contact the shop.

Every ingredient is carefully chosen and prepared.  The delicious soba is served with his passion.  Your body and mind will be surely enriched with his soba.

Please visit “Yutakaya Soba”!


Yutakaya Soba

Address: 75, Misaki, Kitanakagusuku Village
Closed on Tuesdays (If a holiday falls on Tuesday, the shop is open on Tuesday, and is closed on the following day, Wednesday. )
Hours: (Weekdays) 11:00〜17:00(L.O)
(Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays) 11:00〜19:30(L.O)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akari Matsumura