Okinawa Tourism Information:HandworkShopOpenedonYachimunStreet“yacchi&moon”IsLikeMiniHouseofFairyland.

Handwork Shop Opened on Yachimun Street “yacchi&moon” Is Like Mini House of Fairyland.

post : 2014.06.11 23:00

A pretty shop with full of pop art taste “craft・gift  yacchi&moon” opened in April on Yachimun Street, Tsuboya in Naha City, where Okinawan yachimun (Okinawan word meaning “pottery”) lovers must have been there at least once. 

The shop has a big collection of handmade items by artists mainly based in Okinawa.

When you walk down a one-way street, Yachimun Street about 200 m, a red-tile roofed Okinawan traditional house with modern white plaster wall will come in your sight.  When you enter the front door, you will find it “a small universe” crowded with yachimun.  The beautifully-renovated, log house style building has about 43㎡ space, consisting of a U-letter shaped main space and two theme-based small rooms.  The ceiling was designed to be built high for you not to feel tight.  Of special note is the comfortableness of the soft light from incandescent bulbs.  The shop full of a variety of  large and small, multicolored items mainly of yachimun, woodwork, glassware, accessories, etc.  is just like a mini house in a fairyland.  

I would like to introduce some of the attractive items showing a strong presence with a lovely “expression”.
Let me start with yachimun.

Their unchanged popular product “Tsubokkuma (Special big size)” (Shown on the left of the picture / 35,000 yen) is the original product designed by yacchi&moon.  Tsubokkuma varies in size from small to large and the special big sized one is so popular that some customers are on the waiting list.  Also “Ookime Mug (Big-sized mug)” (Shown on the right of the picture / 3,650 yen) is a product by Ms. Akane Itoman, who is a female pottery artist and instructor for Isa Pottery Class as well as saxophone player for a blues band “Maltese Rock” based in Sakaemachi, Naha City.

“Mame Mame Sara (Bean Bean Dish)” by Atelier Qucchane (680 yen for each)

Simple mamezara (literally meaning bean dish) (monkey dish in English) has mame (bean) design on it.  It is a pun.  A variety of bean designs are available.  (Sometimes you can find other designs than beans.)

“Yachimun Spoon” by Saitousha (860 yen for small / 980 yen for big) are cute pottery spoons with a cute ash glaze texture.  Gray ones are made using sugarcane ashes, which is interesting.

“Fujisan Cup” (2,380 yen) is produced by Ms. Sayaka Higa, a young female artist in her twenties. You might want to place it upside down always.

“Milk Pitcher & Saucer” (*I am waiting for the reply about the price.) displayed by the window of the small room are products by “Workshop o-gusuya” run by a couple.

 “Neko Shisa (Cat Shisa)(980 yen for each)” are products by a workshop of Mr. Mitsuo Tensai, who is one of the shisa (guardian lion dog) pottery artists representing Okinawa.

They also offer a variety of 20 to 40 mm tall micro items.  Just take a look at them , and you will never get bored. 

Woodwork products are also arrestingly beautiful.  The combination with yachimun creates a heartwarming image for real life table scene.

“Wooden Tray (8,000 yen)” is from “Asato Workshop” (Ishigaki Island) of Mr. Takashi Asato , who is the father of the female owner and woodwork artist making furniture and fixtures for the shop “yacchi&moon.”  Other several designed trays are available.

(For potteries, clockwise from chopstick holders) Popular small items from “Atelier Qucchane,” “Goya (bitter melon) Chopstick Holders (500 yen)” and “Shima (stripe) Shi Makai (rice bowl) (1,800 yen)”

Makai (rice bowl) is a jointly-developed product.  The shop commissioned a social welfare corporation Shouki Welfare Organization “Self Support Center Pure” to forming material.  It is impressive to know the social background of the product.

“”Single-flower Vase (1,280 yen~)” is from Kogachi-ware kiln by a workshop of Mr. Takaaki Nakasone, who is a famous pottery artist that revived kogachi-ware, which had disappeared in the first half of the 19C.  It is very interesting to see “another type of yachimun” in Okinawa, which is different from the yachimun type produced from Tsuboya to Yomitan.  

“Kozara (small dish) (980 yen)” is by “Komu Workshop” of a budding female artist. 

“Tobi Kanna (Rokusun Zara, about 20cm wide dish) (*I am waiting for the reply about the price.) is from the workshop of Mr. Kyoshi Matsuda, one of the four workshops sharing the climbing kiln, the North Kiln with 13 chambers, the largest kiln in Okinawa. 

Each of the items has homely texture as well as detailed, carefully-colored designs, which promotes you to develop affection for the item so that you want to use it as long as possible.

 “Accessory Stand (8,400 yen)” by “Workshop Asato” using “yarabu (a kind of Calophyllum inophyllum),” which is a precious wood in Ishigaki Island.

“One-flower Vase (1,280 yen),” potteries hung from the accessory stand were bought at Yachimun-ichi Market.  It is fun to hang these cute, tiny items from a little place like this.     

“Cutting Board (3,500 yen)” is by “Workshop Asato.”
“Wooden Kitchen Knife” is unfortunately not for sale but for display.
Pottery “Renkon (lotus) (500 yen)” are by “Workshop Mio.”
“Sansun Zara (About 10 cm-wide plate) (780 yen)” is made by the climbing kiln.
This coordination seems to tell a story and stirs up a feeling of curiosity.

 “Yacchi-kun (Shown on the left of the picture / You can negotiate the price.)” showing his face from the small room is their advertising character.   An artist of “Mura Kougei Village Craftwork” created this carved wooden figure of a bear (about 460 mm tall) with chain saw. 

A pink-colored “Miageru (Looking Up) Kobuta (Baby Pig)” and a black-colored “Nagameru (Watching) Buta (Pig)” (980 yen for each) both were bought at Yachimun-ichi Market.

At the entrance of the shop, Yacchi-kun’s partner “Moon-kun” is lying around.

The shop was designed so detail in an interesting, funny way that visitors can easily imagine what stories it has everywhere in the shop. You surely feel so excited that you might forget how long the time passed. 

The modern handmade shop filled with fantasy opened Yachimun Street.

Of course you can enjoy a souvenir shopping here.  Please stop by here when you are on Yachimun Street!

craft・gift  yacchi&moon

Address: 1-21-9, Tsuboya, Naha City
TEL: 098-988-9639
Hours: 10:00〜19:00    
Open 365 days a year

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa