Okinawa Tourism Information:“Get200,000yenbyPickingUpTrash!?The2ndClean-PicNationalConventioninOkinawa”

“Get 200,000 yen by Picking Up Trash!? The 2nd Clean-Pic National Convention in Okinawa”

post : 2014.06.20 18:00

 “The 2nd Clean-Pic National Convention in Okinawa”was held on Senaga Island.

Surprising enough, but this is a proven sport competition in which 5-person teams compete against each other by collecting garbage.

This year 20 teams for Sea Section and 80 teams for Beach Section, totally 500 participants of 100 teams challenged against each other by running around the island to gather trash large and small in a great team work within 53 (which is pronounced as /gomi/, meaning “trash.”) minutes.

Ms. Ritsuko Tanaka, a special supporter, gave them a boost on the stage.

Points are determined depending on the very detailed categories of trash such as over-sized trash, iron scraps, and empty cans, etc.

After the competition, judges calculate points for each team’s trash.

The important point is whether their trash is correctly separated!

Trash from natural causes such as floating branches, fallen leaves, etc. are not counted for points. The participants have to pick up only artificial trash.

 “Where could such a big waste be dropped on the beach!?”

You might be surprised to find a waste by far the bigger than you expected.

In the convention this year, while judges calculating points for trash, free marine sports experience such as stand up paddling, sea kayaking was held. The participants realized how beautiful their sea became after everybody’s good work while they were trying marine sports.

It is overwhelming to see a huge amount of trash gathered by everybody’s great effort in only 53 minutes.


Don’t be surprised to know that winner’s prize for each section is 200,000 yen!!

This convention is held by all volunteers, and this year again, substantial prize money and commercial products were provided by corporate sponsors and public figures who sympathized with the concept of this event.

There was a team came all the way from the Kanto region to pick up trash.  
The organizer would like to hold this convention in more different areas of Okinawa and work hard for community beautification.

Everybody can participate in this convention for fun. 

The competition will help you to learn naturally different kinds of waste and how to separate them as well as will promote your awareness of trash.

Why don’t you build a team and join this wonderful convention next time?

The 2nd Clean-Pic National Convention in Okinawa

Date: Saturday, May 31, 2014
Venue: The whole Senaga Island
Capacity for Participants: 500 persons of 100 groups
                                             (Beach Section: 400 persons of 80 groups, Sea Section: 100 persons of 20 groups)
Prize: (Beach Section) 200,000 yen for First Prize, 100,000 yen for Second Prize, 50,000 yen for Third Prize
            (Sea Section) 200,000 yen for First Prize, 100,000 yen for Second Prize, 50,000 yen for Third Prize
                                      And more special prizes!
Entry Fee: 5,000 yen per Team * Admission is Free for Event

For Details and Entry Information:
Official Website:
Sea Seed: 098-982-9988

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