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The Mysteriously Soothing Cup of "Mahou Coffee"

post : 2014.06.25 16:00

Foreign residence but itself has an exotic feeling especially for those from outside of Okinawa but in “Mahou Coffee” in Ginowan City has a unique world of its own.

 The blue and yellow walls are colorful but they have a harmony that is mysteriously cozy and that “exoticness” will let you forget about the ordinary in a good way.

 The cup of coffee you receive in that space is also exceptional. There is the original “mahou blend” which is roasted by “tonbi coffee” a specialty coffee roaster in Gunma. It has the taste that it has been deeply roasted while being transparent enough that anyone will drink it down quickly. Mahou Iced Coffee is made with a water drip by oji that takes 6 hours to extract the flavors. That long time creates a mild flavor and a rich fragrance. That once will satisfy your mind with one cup like magic.

The beans for mahou blend can be bought and espressos and cappuccinos made with Cimbali machines are available for takeout so luckily you drop by and buy this magical coffee.  

 This is a fig tart. The moderate sweetness pairs the coffee exceptionally well.  
 The operating hours are from 9 in the morning which is early for a café in Okinawa. There are relatively less people in morning, so it is an easy way to spend time before the sunlight gets strong. First I recommended trying to start your day with one cup of this coffee.

Mahou Coffee
2-1-15 Ojana, Ginowan-shi
Tel: 098-897-1846
Operating Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm
Closed Day(s): Monday, Last Tuesday

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Masayuki Sesoko


2-1-15 Ojana, Ginowan-shi