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One of three most famous flowers of Okinawa? Or its look-alike

post : 2013.07.12 16:00

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The three most famous flowers of Okinawa are the "Deigo" (Indian coral bean), "Oogocho" (peacock flower) and "Santanka" (ixora chinensis).
 We would say that the flower which we can often see blooming by the roadside is this "Santanka", but... this flower is its look-alike, called "Benidemari" (ixora coccinea)".
 The people of Okinawa call both santanka and benidemari "Sandankwa".
 We can tell the difference because the point of the petals of santanka is round, whilst those of benidemari are pointed.
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