Okinawa Tourism Information:"Okinawasoba,"asobawithoutbuckwheatflour

"Okinawa soba," a soba without buckwheat flour

post : 2013.09.05 16:00

A typical food of Okinawa is "Okinawa soba."
The chemistry between the chewy toughness and the soup made with pork and bonito fish is extraordinary. In the most orthodox style, the toppings are pork belly, green onion, red pickled ginger and fish cake.
Even though it is called soba, it does not contain buckwheat flour.
Okinawa soba is made of wheat flour.
It is said that Okinawa soba is derived from Chinese ramen, and originally it was an exclusive dish eaten at court.
It is now widely eaten as a comfort food of Okinawa.


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