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Beach with Stunning View on Miyako Island

post : 2014.06.23 18:00

Miyako Island is located within the distance of an about 50-minute flight from mainland Okinawa.

It is a small island with its population of 50,000 (Miyako City).

Recently an airfare between Naha and Miyako-jima has become reasonable and people can travel to Miyako-jima more easily.

Speaking of Miyako-jima, everybody agrees that its charm is, of course, the sea!

The typical, beautiful beach representing such an attractive island is Yonaha Maehama Beach.  This beach is one of the top-class, popular beaches in Japan.

Drive down about 20 minutes from Miyako Airport, you will see Kurima-jima floating in the sea and Kurima Ohashi Bridge, which connects Miyako-jima with Kurima-jima.

The main characteristic of Yonaha Maehama Beach is its longest, natural beach on Miyako Island. The white sand beach stretches about ten kilometers totally.

I highly recommend a view from Maehama Port just near Kurima Ohashi Bridge, where you can see that the beach shows a beautiful curve line.

This is also the best location for taking a picture.

Best of all, a very transparent water is amazing.  The beautiful emerald green water starts from the depth where your feet cannot touch and goes further on and on. 

That’s the beauty of Yonaha Maehama Beach.

In addition, visitors are happy about its free admission, free parking, and free shower.

The blue sea is fantastic in a daytime, but the beach is recommended as a sunset viewing spot.  

Why don’t you visit this beach with a gorgeous view, which is in a 20-minute car ride from the airport?


Yonaha Maehama

Address: 1199-1, Aza-Yonaha, Shimoji, Miyakojima City
Season: From the beach opening ceremony in April to the end of October
Admission to Beach: Free
Parking: Free
Shower: Free
Activities: Paid
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