Okinawa Tourism Information:Let’sGotoTokashikiIslandtoMeetSeaTurtle!

Let’s Go to Tokashiki Island to Meet Sea Turtle!

post : 2014.06.26 13:00

Tokashiki Island is one of the Kerama Islands, located 40 km west of Okinawa Main Islnd, with its population of 800.
The island is accessible by a 70-minute large ferry or a 35-minute express ferry from Tomari Port in Naha.  Tokashiki Island is spectacular with crystal-clear blue waters.

One of the recommended beaches on Tokashiki Island is Tokashiku Beach.
You could use a bus or a rental bike to Tokashiku Beach.

What the most appealing about Tokashiku Beach do you think?
You can meet a sea turtle at a higher rate!
Not only one sea turtle, there seems that at least several sea turtles inhabit the shallow waters on the beach. 

I could meet sea turtles almost every day while I was staying on the island for writing this story. As you can spot a sea turtle even in the not so deep area, I had no difficulty taking pictures of it while snorkeling.
Sea turtles sometimes swim up to the surface.  Every time I find it, I was extremely thrilled.

The clear, transparent water is just perfect.
No wonder the Kerama Islands has been designated as a national park.
Why don’t you have an exciting experience of meeting a sea turtle in the marvelous transparent water?

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