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Amazing Transparent Water Beach Representing Ikei Island

post : 2014.06.28 22:00

Ikei Island is a small island 7 km in circuit, connected to Miyagi Island by Ikei Oohashi Bridge.  Right after driving over the brilliant red Ikei Ohashi Bridge, you will find Ikei Beach.

With very transparent water and many strange-shaped cliffs along the coast line, the beach has marvelously beautiful landscape!

One of the charms of the beach is the best selection of marine leisure programs.  So you can play your heart out on the beach. 

As you can prepare food, a cast iron plate, gas, etc for BBQ at the facility, you don’t have to bring anything for BBQ dinner.♪ (Please note that prior reservation is required.)

Enjoying a beach party is also one way to enjoy a beach in Okinawa.

One of the characteristics of the beach is that it doesn't matter whether it is low tide or high tide; you can swim anytime you want!

A glass bottom boat ride, one of the marine leisure activities on Ikei Island is highly recommended for visitors with small children.  A boat heads toward a point where you can enjoy stunning coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, and you will be thrilled watching the water world through the glass.♪

The fascinating water world in Okinawa, where colorful tropical fish swim gorgeously will surely be an unforgettable memory for children!

In addition, the beach has a Jet Ski plan in which you can go around Ikei Island 7 km in circuit by jet ski.  Let’s experience the whole world of Ikei Island!

At the parlor on the beach, please enjoy the summer fully eating cold shaved ice while watching a blue sky, crystal blue water, and white sand beach in front of you.
Personally I want to enjoy really cold beer!  (lol)

Full-fledged summer is right around the corner in Okinawa!
Let’s savor a fantastic time on the beautiful beach in Okinawa!

Ikei Beach 

Address: 405 Ikei, Yonashiro, Uruma City
TEL: 098-977-8464
Hours: 9:00~19:00(Winter ~17:00)
Swimming Season: April to October
Admission: 400 yen for Adult (Junior High School Students or older)
300 yen for Children (5 years old to Elementary School Students)
Free for Children (4 years old or younger)
Camp: 600 yen for Adult (Junior High School Students or older)
400 yen for Children (5 years old to Elementary School Students)
Shower: 200 yen

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