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post : 2014.06.29 14:00

A handmade donut shop is located a little away from the downtown in Nago City.

The shop was renovated from a traditional house and looks like a cake shop in the fairyland.
They use okara (tofu lees) of Shima tofu (Okinawan tofu) to bake donuts, whose simple and soft flavor has been very popular.

In addition to delicious donuts, the traditional house renovated tastefully utilizing the original shape, a sign, lamps, flower pots, a combination of interiors make the unique atmosphere of this shop deeper and more profound with a perfect color shade and balance.

(I used animation around the stomachs of two staff members who were parturient mothers.
I heard that their babies were successfully delivered.)

Please read the following article on Shima Doughnuts.

Adddress: 270, Isagawa, Nago City
TEL: 0980-54-0089


Music: hacomako

Okinawa CLIP Movie Writer    Ouji Ogawa