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Umibudo & Agu Pork Donburi At Healing Café in Lush Green

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Sezoko Island is connected to Motobu Peninsula by bridge.
Sezoko Beach on the western coast is known as one of the most transparent natural beaches on mainland Okinawa.

On the way to the beach, you will find a café called “fuu café,” where you can satisfactorily relax surrounded by trees and greenery in the southern land.

Once you step into the entrance in green-clad surroundings, you will get more excited.
As you walk ahead little by little,…

You will reach a spacious garden!

Butterflies fly gracefully and if you look around, you will find banana trees and passion fruit trees that are typical to the southern land. 

When wind gets through it, a wind chime hanging from the tree softly sounds with the breeze.
Time goes slow and calm here.
This place makes you feel that spending time without thinking about the time or checking for phone messages is a truly luxurious time.

The owner built this tree house for his parents’ living after exploiting wooded area.  An abundance of lush vegetation here became so popular that many people come here to play in turn.

If people like here so much, why don’t we bring more people here and let them enjoy this space.
That’s how “fuu café” started.

The name of the café, “fuu” is “Phew!” when you exhale a huge sigh.
This café has such a wish of the owner that visitors can slow down as they take a deep breath in a relaxed surrounding here.

Farm and marine products provided for meals here are mainly produced in the neighbor hood of Yanbaru ( the forested northern part of Okinawa Island). 

The most attractive menu item is “Umibudo & Agu Pork Donburi (Umibudo Seaweed & Agu Pork on Rice)”
Crispy seaweed produced in Motobu and sweet, soft agu pork cheek meat braised for a whole day are plentifully topped on the rice so that you might laugh about how soon you can reach the rice.
Fresh flavor of Aojiso' (Perilla frutescens) as a hidden flavor gives the dish a kick.

Jimami peanut-flavored tofu comes along and it has a soft fluffy texture.

The donburi also comes with yushidoufu (unsolidified tofu) with aasaa seaweed (sea lettuce).  You can fully enjoy ingredients particular to Okinawa.

Other than the donburi dish, a pizza with home-grown herbs kneaded into it and Chef’s special pasta have local seasonal ingredients such as fuuchibaa (felon herb, yomogi (in Japanese) and shikuwasa (Okinawan lime).

After meal, please enjoy their coffee!
The owner had wanted to open a café in Yanbaru and have been selecting quality beans.

All the coffee beans are house roasted to a delicious perfection.

Chef’s special is “Sezoko Blend,” which he carefully blends for a delicious, fragrant hot cup of coffee.
After a customer makes an order, he starts grinding beans and carefully brews them by hand drip, so you can enjoy a rich fragrant coffee.
The coffee is very popular for its refreshing flavor.

If you would like an iced coffee, “Brown Sugar Almond Latte” and “Yanbaru Honey Latte” are recommended.
Homemade cake such as cheesecake or tube cake are also popular.

After enjoying your meal in the café, you could move to the terrace for tea time if seats are available.

In the green grass garden, a hummock and a swing are available.  So you can have a great time with your children here.

The shop with a sedate atmosphere also has a tiny souvenir corner.

Surprisingly enough, you can buy one of the popular souvenirs from Okinawa, “Ishigaki-jima Raayu (hot chili oil)” here. (Please note that only who orders a meal here can buy this product.)

You can buy the café’s special coffee beans, too!

Breathe deeply where it is all shining lights and greenery.
Meal full of blessings from Okinawa and the owner’s special house-roasted coffee!

Would you like to spend a slow relaxing Okinawan time at “fuu café”?


fuu cafe

Address: 557 Sezoko, Motobu Town
TEL: 0980‐47‐4885
Hours: 11:00 to around 18:00 L.O.(11:30 to 17:00 L.O. for FOOD)
Closed on Wednesdays & Thursdays (July to September: Open Everyday)
Official Website :

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer   Akiko Ono