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Shaved Ice Topped with Plenty of Tropical Fruits

post : 2014.07.01 17:00

I would like to introduce you shaved ice which you enjoy together with your family or friends or as a couple.
It is shaved ice by “Ryu-Pin,” which they use lots of tropical fruits.

Ryu-Pin’s shaved ice was created from shaved ice called “剉冰 (tsua-bing, Baobing) from Taiwan, which has been deepening exchanges with since the Ryukyu Kingdom period, in an Okinawan style.

Generally a baobing is a-little-roughly shaved ice topped with boiled beans or potatoes, and brown sugar syrup poured over it.
Sometimes jiimami (Okinawan word meaning “peanut”) is added, which is familiar to Okinawa. 

They improved the baobing in order to satisfy Japanese taste.

Fluffy shaved ice that melts well in your mouth is topped with locally-grown tropical fruits and beniimo (purple-colored sweet potato).  They use ice cream of a very familiar brand ice cream “Blue Seal” in Okinawa.

When local fruits are in season, a contract farmer who the owner found by himself directly delivers to Ryu-Pin, so their fruits have outstanding freshness and taste. 

“If you cannot heap fruits on ice well, the shaved ice will lose its delicious-looking form.  So you need to grasp the techniques,” said Ms. Oshiro, who is very popular among customers.

She carefully places one-bite-size fruits on a heap of fluffy shaved ice.

When the shaved ice was served at my table, I became spellbound with its bright, happy colors as well as was surprised by its huge volume.


The best recommend shaved ice by Ryu-Pin is “Ice Mount Tropical Fruits,” which you can enjoy seasonal fruits like mangoes, pineapples, passion fruits, and so on at once.

Especially eye-catching fruit is passion fruit, which is not familiar to people on mainland Japan.
Passion fruit has numerous black seeds in its bright yellow flesh.
Its sourness that you will be addicted if you taste it once and its refreshing sweetness make a perfect balance.
They are happy about that they can get locally-grown passion fruits throughout the year.

Depending on the climate, growing season periods vary.
Usually you can buy season limited syrup “Okinawan apple mangoes” from July to September and “Okinawan pineapple” from June to September.

Even with one bite, you can feel that shaved ice, fruits, and ice cream match up so well with each other.  

 “If you put ice cream on the shaved ice, I will be much happier,” one of their regular customers, oba (Okinawan word meaning an elderly lady) said once.
That’s how they started adding ice cream on it.

In addition, if you would like to enjoy sweets unique to Okinawa, I recommend you try “Okinawa Zenzai.”
“What?  Zenzai (red bean soup) can be one of shaved ice menu items!?  Zenzai is supposed to be hot, isn’t it!?”
I was also surprised shortly after I moved to Okinawa.

“Beniimo Zenzai” is a shaved ice topped with beniimo (purple-colored sweet potato) produced in Yomitan Village and beniimo-flavored ice cream.
Under the heap of shaved ice, sweet red kidney beans cooked with brown sugar are hidden.
It has been said that only manganese soil in Yomitan Village can produce this beautiful purple color.  Hearty texture of beniimo and cold fluffy shaved ice make sweets typical to Okinawa.

Other than these, they have a variety of menu items including jiimami (Okinawan word meaning peanut) and taimo (taro in the field) zenzai. 

Also please enjoy it with “Supple,” a brightly-colored tropical juice with agar gelatin balls

Why is Ryu-Pin’s shaved ice so large?
“I would like everybody to enjoy sharing a large shaved ice in peace.”
Ryu-Pin’s shaved ice is full of such an owner’s wish.

A couple naturally smiles to a large portion of shaved ice.
They appreciate a happy time eating it together.

For a good memory of your trip to Okinawa, please try Ryu-Pin’s shaved ice with someone special!

Ryupin   Chatan Mihama Shop

Address: American Depo B1F, 9-2, Mihama, Chatan Town
TEL: 080-2742-9002
OPEN: 11:00 to 19:00 (July to September 11:00 to 21:00)
Always open except when they are temporarily closed.


Ryupin   Onna-no-Eki Shop

Address: 1656-9, Nakadomari, Onna Village (In “Onna-no-Eki”)
TEL: 090-5932-4166
OPEN: 10:00〜19:00
Always Open except the year-end and New Year holidays 

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akari Matsumura