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Izena Beach with Beautiful Sunset

post : 2014.07.01 19:00

When you go through the Izena Community, which is situated in the southwestern part of Izena Iland, to the west, you will see a vast extent of sea in front of you. 

The longest beach on the island, “Izena Beach” is a natural 600m-long beach.

At the entrance of the beach is a shower room built with public restrooms with a logo “Izena 88 TRIATHLON” painted on it.

Here, Izena Beach is also a starting point for a triathlon which is held every fall.

The beach also has a camping ground furnished with shower and restrooms.  As big mokumaou (Australian pine) trees are forested along the beach, this is a perfect place for camping or BBQ under the shade.  You can kick up your heels with the best location “Ocean is in front of you!”

It is a shoaling beach, so it is highly recommended you swim at high tide.

You feel safe wearing sandals or marine shoes because there are stones and rocks around your feet.

It is also fun to enjoy digging clams at the beach at low of spring tide or beachcombing. 

Crystal-clear blue water is amazingly beautiful in the daytime.
The best recommended time of the day is sunset time when the beach shines with gorgeous golden yellow water.
You will feel soothed by the water and sky colored with breathtakingly beautiful sunset.

And on top of it, it is a truly luxurious moment to spend time in a relaxed way by such a peaceful sea particular to the remote island.


Izena Beach

Address: Aza-Izena, Izena Village, Shimajiri County, Okinawa
Facility: Tap Water, Restroom, and Shower are available.
Parking: Available
Inquiries: 0980-45-2534 (Izena Village Tourism Promotion Division)
Official Website:

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