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【Okinawa CLIP Movie 】 Shaved Ice Delicacy at Café Niwatori

post : 2014.07.05 16:00

There is a popular bakery called “ippe coppe” in Minatogawa, a fashionable area of Urasoe City.
“Café Niwatori” built next to the bakery on its garden and sell shaved ice only in the summer.

Menus for the day is “Strawberry,” “Strawberry and Milk,” and “Tankan (Citrus Tankan).  All of them are homemade syrups using organic fruits.
They will add a brilliant-colored dragon fruit syrup.

They are quite sensitive with regard to ice condition.
The shaved ice made from carefully-chosen ingredients is a masterpiece!

The shaved ice looks gorgeous and just hearing the sound of shaving ice made me feel cool.  The carefully-prepared shaved ice in the lush green garden was terrific.



Address: 2-16-1 Minatogawa Urasoe-shi Okinawa-ken

(built next to Speciality Bread Store - Bread made of Natural Yeast“ippe coppe”)

Official Website:


Please read the following article on Café Niwatori.


Music : hacomako


Movie Writer    Ouji Ogawa