Okinawa Tourism Information:【Product】Redandyellow,Okinawanchopsticks"umeeshi"

【Product】Red and yellow, Okinawan chopsticks "umeeshi"

post : 2013.09.07 16:00

Have you ever seen red and yellow chopsticks in Okinawa?
In the dialect of Okinawa, chopsticks are called "umeeshi".
Recently, it is not so easy to see them, but some time ago the red and yellow "umeeshi" were sure to be in every restaurant and house.
One theory says that the red represents the sun, while the yellow represents the moon.
The red part is made of lacquer and serves as a grip, while the yellow part is colored with turmeric, which is said to have a disinfectant and antibacterial effect.
To be able to feel history and culture through a single chopstick is the charm of Okinawa.
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