Okinawa Tourism Information:GuestHouseReconstructedFromForeigner’sResidenceWithPrettyColoringThatCanBeSeenInForeignFilm

Guest House Reconstructed From Foreigner’s Residence With Pretty Coloring That Can Be Seen In Foreign Film

post : 2014.07.07 23:00

Decorative detail such as a bath tub with cat feet-shaped stand that all women long for and a brass faucet….

Perfect coloring as seen in color arrangement on the wall that took advantage of the design of foreigner’s residence….

When you step into the house, you might keep saying automatically “How pretty!”

The guest house “piece of wave” in Ginowan City is brand new, which was just opened in this April.

The owner who had been travelling back and forth between the European countries and Japan built the house carefully with a carpenter he knew spending half a year starting demolition of the interior to adopt an European-style interior.  

When you open the entrance door, a purple wall paper will come into your sight, which he bought from Spain.

The kitchen was originally designed to conform to the interior, which shows the owner’s fine commitment to the interior. 

Renting the whole spacious house of 2 bedrooms and 1LDK can fully satisfies a sense of private space for family with children or for only women’s gathering. 

In addition, within a walking distance are “Jimmy’s,” a famous supermarket carrying American products in Okinawa and “Kanehide,” a local supermarket.  You might want to enjoy cooking with ingredients unique to Okinawa. The guest house is located near the street called “Secondhand U.S. furniture stores” as well as many famous restaurants, it will be fun to dine out while strolling around the street.

Highway 58, which runs along the west coast of the main island of Okinawa from the northern tip to the southern terminus in Naha, is close to the house.  So it is a good access both to the north and to the south, yet it is situated in the residential area, where you can stay away from the hustle and bustle.  On top of that, you can have enough of nature special to Okinawa such as taam (Taro) filed, springs, a beach 10 minute walk.  

“If I move to Okinawa, I want to paint the walls of a foreigner’s residence by myself to live with my favorite interior around me.”

Not a few people long for such a life.

Some people stay here to experience the life a little before moving to Okinawa.  Others, who have been to Okinawa so many times that they have visited all the sightseeing spots, can experience a real Okinawan life in Ginowan City, a popular area for living where you can savor sea, nature, and town.
Depending on visitors, “piece of wave” has varied possibilities. 



Address: 6-6-13, Oyama, Ginowan City
Accommodation Fee:
20,000 yen (excluding tax) (per room / per night)
Limited to only one group (up to 4 persons) per day for renting the whole house
* Free for a bed-sharing infant (only for one elementary school student or younger)
* Pets are not allowed.
   For more than 4 persons, 5,000 yen per additional adult per night will be added.
* For using the facility only by male group, only when he is or they are introduced by someone reliable his or their reservation can   be accepted.
  Staying as a couple of male and female or a mixed group can be accepted.
  If you would like to use the house for a party,  please contact us.
* Parking Fee: Free for up to 3 cars per night
  120,000 yen for 1 week

For inquiries or reservation:
Click “Contact” page on the official website
Or mail:

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