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Mystery Dish Okazu

post : 2014.07.17 16:00

In eateries in Okinawa there is a mysterious dish that will prick your ears up.  It is just written as okazu (side dish).

It has been a fixed item in eateries since long ago.

Normally okazu is general term for something that comes with rice. But in Okinawa it is a amazing dish.

Basically, “okazu” a soy sauce based flavourful dish to complement rice. But in reality it is not fixed to that, the ingredients used and the seasoning differ for eatery to eatery. (Which is also very Okinawa)  

Even with that people in Okinawa don’t hesitate to order okazu. Due to the broadmindedness of the Okinawa people and not worrying about the finer details is probably why the dish still continues to exist. Of course if you ask as the staff what it is, they will tell you but the true pleasure is being anxious about what dish will come to the table. Part of the fun is going from eatery to eatery to find an okazu that suits you.

I recommend the okazu from Sakaku Shokudo. It has a signboard that tells a story

The dishes that are made have a comfortable taste.

Vegetables, tofu, fish paste cake and pork are stir fried together and a fried egg is placed on top to make this bountiful dish.

Based on the eatery, some use fried eggs and other use sunny side up eggs.

There is also okazu with nothing on top, which makes the secret taste of garlic more effective.

The okazu I talked about this time is the orthodox okazu you see often in Okinawa. But based on the restaurant there are many different okazu to enjoy. Why do you try to order it to see what comes from the kitchen? If you have an okazu that you recommend please tell us.

Sankaku Shokudo
Address: 2-41-1 Futenma, Ginowan-shi
Tel: (098)892-8385
Operating Hours: 11:20am-5:00pm
(Based on the day, the opening time might change, once the ingredients run out, the store closes)
Closed: Sunday

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken


2-41-1 Futenma, Ginowan-shi