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Sagaribana Blooming On Summer Night in Okinawa

post : 2014.07.17 19:00

One of the representative flowers in this season in Okinawa is “sagaribana. (Barringtonia racemosa or powder-puff tree).”  Sagaribana is a tropical flower or sub tropical flower and grows in coastal swamp forests such as mangrove river from Okinawa to Amami in Japan.

Sagaribana blooms only at night in summer, and its brilliant-colored flower petals look like the fireworks display at night sky.  In addition, the flower gives off sweet fragrance   

The flower is called by another name.  In Nishihara Town, it is called “sawafuji” or “jinkakiigii”; in Makiya, Nago City “mookabana”; In Shuri, Naha City “kiifuji.”

The best time to view sagaribana is from the end of June to late July.
Now is the best time!

Sagaribana viewing has become a popular sightseeing activity so that a sagaribana viewing night tour by sightseeing bus is arranged. 

The flower petals drop off the flowers at dawn, but the following morning new buds appear one after another, so you can enjoy watching them almost every day.

And on top of that, the petals drop so beautifully that you will be fascinated by very fantastic scenery where the flower petals float down on the river. 

Okinawa has sagaribana viewing spots in the north, the center, and the south of Okinawa mainland, so I would like to introduce you a representative recommended spot in each area!

◎     Southern Part of Mainland Okinawa:
“Sawafuji (Sagaribana) at Uchima Udun (Residence)”

Address: Aza Kadekaru, Nishihara Town
 (Right next to Nishihara Children’s Center
Hours: After sunset
Admission: Free
[*Additional information: Uchima Udun is a residence site where a Ryukyu king, King Sho En had lived for 15 years before he came to the throne. As sagaribana bloom around the entrance, it is the most well-known spot for viewing Sagariban in Okinawa. The site was designated as a natural monument of Nishihara Town in 2012.  It is brightly lit during the blooming season.]

◎     Central Part of Mainland Okinawa:
“Sagaribana at Zakimi”

Address: 5-7-7, Zakimi, Yomitan Village
Hours: 20:00~22:00
Admission: Free
[*Additional information: Sagaribana grow wild in a space of 330㎡ on the property of Mr. Hidemitsu Shimabukuro’s residence at Zakimi, Yomitan Village.  In the morning, you can see the flower petals float down the stream.  Zenzai (red bean soup) is sold at 200 yen, so it is recommended to cool off yourself while eating zenzai after viewing sagaribana.]

◎ Northern Part of Mainland Okinawa:
“Mookabana (Sagaribana) at Makiya”

Address: 151 Makiya, Nago City
Hours: 21:00~23:00
Admission: Free

[*Additional information: Sagaribana of more than 150 years old at Mr. Kazuteru Kinjo’s residence was designated as a cultural property of Nago City in 1998.  It is also chosen as one of the Top 100 precious woods in Okinawa.  He started a sagaribana viewing spot where a private residence is open to the public to invite tourists.]

Flower language of sagaribana is “It will bring you luck.”
Would you like to enjoy viewing sagaribana this summer and bring good luck into your life?

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)