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【Okinawa CLIP Movie / Café Kokuu】

post : 2014.07.18 21:00

A wooden café stands on the highland of Nakijin Village in Yanbaru.
The warm and gentle feeling of wood in the café makes you feel comfortable.
In addition, what you can see from the large window is a stunning ocean vista!

A healthy lunch plate using plenty of locally-produced chemical-free, gennouyaku (reduced-agricultural-chemical), and organic vegetables is popular.
With a gentle-flavored, healthy yet hearty and tasty meal, you will surely feel relaxed together with this comfortable space.


Please read the following article on Café Kokuu.


Café Kokuu

On the premises of Nakijin Sun City Kibougaoka, 2031-138, Aza-Shoshi, Nakijin Village
TEL: 0980-56-1321
Hours: 11:30 ~
Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Music: hacomako

Okinawa CLIP Movie Writer  Ouij Ogawa