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Uninhabited Island HANARE

post : 2014.07.19 17:00

A floating island about 800m away from Aharen Beach on Tokashiki Island in Kerama Islands is a deserted island called Hanare.
The water around Hanare is incredibly transparent!

You can get to Hanare from Aharen Beach by boat for 1, 200 yen or so for a roundtrip.
Reception desk is at Parlor Ikkyu, which is located in front of Aharen Beach.  After you buy a ticket at the parlor, please go to the boat pier at Aharen Beach (In the middle o the beach),

An access boat is a glass bottom boat!
On the way to Hanare, the boat slows down at a coral viewing point for you to enjoy the water world.

Landing on the remote island, you will find something like a bronze statue on the right of the island.  Actually this island is also called as “Shibugaki Island.”

The country’s used-to-be idol called “Shibugaki Tai” constructed this bronze statue to commemorate their disbandment.  However due to typhoons, etc. it was just left in a decrepit state. After that, one of the members came here to have it fixed, but again because of salt damage, the statue has been in a forlorn condition as shown in the picture. 

Other than the statue, there is nothing artificial on this island.
What you can see is only blue transparent water filled with the beauty of nature!

You can decide how long to stay on the deserted island.
You come all the way here, so why don’t you stay for a half day?

Please note that there is little shade, so please take a plenty of water and have fun!
Colorful coral reefs and tropical fish are waiting for you in the blue ocean!

Reception Desk for Glass Bottom Boat
Parlor Ikkyu
TEL: 098-987-2364
Hours: 9:30 to 17:00
Official Website for Tokashiki Village:

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