Okinawa Tourism Information:EverlastingBeautyCreatedbyWhiteSandandEmeraldGreen…“KondoiBeach”

Everlasting Beauty Created by White Sand and Emerald Green… “Kondoi Beach”

post : 2014.07.19 19:00

 “Kondoi Beach” on the western coast of Taketomi Island, which is popular for the island communities of many traditional houses with red-tiled roof, is one of the best natural beaches in Yaeyama Region.

The beach is an about 10-minute bicycle ride from the communities.  Going through a gloomy tree-lined street, I suddenly encountered a different world….
I was filled with electrifying emotion that I cannot describe. 

Scenery generated by pure white sand and transparent emerald green is like a world of the dream I once saw.
The unrealistic color shade is just like the image of “southern island” found in a calendar or a CM.

Water surface changes expressions from moment to moment depending on the condition and angle of light, the direction and strength of wind.  You will never get bored of watching it.
While I was shooting, the water never stayed in the same color shade even for a moment.

Ocean wave is gentle throughout the year.  In addition, it is a shoaling beach, so families with children can enjoy swimming with an easy mind.

Please note that the beach is not suitable for snorkeling as there is few coral and tropical fish.  Also at low tide, swimming is not recommended.

Instead, you can stroll along the beach, taking pictures, and reading books.  Please fully savor the exotic feel of the southern land in a relaxed and peaceful manner.

The facility includes rest rooms, shower (free), and vending machines.  In the summer season (April to October), a few stalls are open on the beach.

Once Ryukyu people imagined a utopia called “Nirai Kanai” far out at an aw-inspiring ocean like this.
Kondoi Beach gave me somewhat understanding of why they fancied the ideal world.

Kondoi Beach

Address: Taketomi, Taketomi Town
TEL: 0980-82-5445(Taketomi Town Tourism Association)
Admission: Free
Swimming Period: Throughout the year

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Kiwamu Ogawa