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Miyakojima Mamoru-kun Is Actually A Huge Family?

post : 2014.07.25 16:00

There is a famous character on Miyakojima called “Miyakojima Mamoru-kun.”

To promote traffic safety on the island, he wears a police uniform and is placed to and fro all over the island. He has been broadcast on TV multiple times, so he has become famous nationwide but “he” is actually 18 brothers! This is a shocking fact.
On the package of the Mamoru-kun souvenir that I picked up at the airport without really paying attention to there were the faces of the 18 brothers…

The photo I took at the beginning of who I thought was Mamoru-kun was taken in Ueno, so it may have been one of the brothers, “Izuru-kun”??

He also has a sister named Maruko-chan, so there are actually 19 siblings.

All the siblings are made by hand and all their expressions are different. So if you come to Miyakojima, try to search for the Mamoru-kun siblings.

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