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Experience the Mysteries of Okinawa “Ocean Expo Park (Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium)”

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Whale Shark Monument welcomes you at the entrance of “Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.”

After passing the monument and entering the aquarium, you will find “Touch Pool” immediately, where you can touch marine life such as starfishes, sea cucumbers, etc.  Every sea life is safe, so you can let children to touch them!

After getting closer to marine life in “Touch Pool,” the aqua tanks “The Coral Sea” and “The Sea of Tropical Fish,” in which tropical fishes swim comfortably, welcome you.

You can enjoy watching colorful fishes ranging from life in the shallow waters to life lurk in a deep cave.  As the sunlight directly comes into the aqua tank which recreated Okinawan coral reefs faithfully, if you are lucky in the morning, you might be able to see column of light as if aurora were swinging lambently.

 “The Kuroshio Sea” has large-sized marine life like whale sharks and reef manta rays swimming in a leisurely way.  You will be overwhelmed by watching them swim in a gigantic aqua tank.  However, you cannot take your eyes off of it and keep watching as you do not care how long time passes. 
Such whale sharks which swim in comfort actually start moving actively in a certain time, which is their meal time!   It is cute that their active move seems to insist “I want to eat my food right away”, isn’t it?

Whale sharks eat their food in a characteristic way.  They stand and swim at upright position with their big mouth open to gulp their food.  Looking at the dynamic way the sharks eat, all you can say is “WOW!”

In Café “Ocean Blue”, you can have your meals while viewing the giant aqua tank “The Kuroshio Sea,” so please enjoy the relaxing moment there!

The giant tank of “The Kuroshio Sea” can be viewed from “Churaumi Theater,” “Aqua Room,” so please enjoy marine life in the giant tank from different angles.

After appreciating a variety of fishes, please stop by a shop “Blue Manta” near the exit for souvenir shopping!
The shop items include Okinawa souvenirs and Churaumi Aquarium original goods, so please buy one for your memory of visiting the aquarium.

In addition, in the area around “Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium,” please don’t miss “Okichan Theater,” where okigondou (false killer whale), minami bandou iruka (Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphin), etc. perform a delightful show.

There are many more must-see’s, please visit the official website of “Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium” for details.
Official Website:

“Area of Flowers and Greenery” offers you gorgeous flowers and “Area of History and Culture” has an exhibit of Okinawan traditional fishing boat called “sabani” and a planetarium.
Please refer to the article here.  Ocean Expoe Park(Oceanic Culture Museum, Tropical Dream Center)

For information on visiting Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium:

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
(On Ocean Expo Park), 424, Aza-Ishikawa, Motobu Town, Kunigami County, Okinawa 905-0206
TEL: 0980-48-3748
FAX: 0980-48-4444

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